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Must Read News On Immigration Reform, May 29, 2013

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Roll Call: Reid: 60 Votes on Immigration ‘Pretty Easy’
By Niels Lesniewski

Wall Street Journal: Immigration Bill Slow to Stir Foes’ Passion
By Miriam Jordan

US News and World Report: Anti-Amnesty Groups Face Mounting Odds in Immigration Fight
By Lauren Fox

Bloomberg: Senate Democrats Plan June 10 Start on Immigration Bill
By Kathleen Hunter

Daily Kos: Dear GOP, you don’t woo Latino voters by punishing them even more
By Kos

NPR: Immigration Measure Faces Test In Senate, Rival Bill In House
By David Welna

Talking Points Memo: Steve King: ‘Damaged’ Rubio Unlikely To Win Iowa In 2016
By Tom Kludt

Daily Herald: Durbin discusses immigration reform
By Elena Ferrarin

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: U.S. Sen. Johnson to hold listening sessions on immigration
By Georgia Pabst

Politico: GOP learns to love individual mandate — for immigrants
By David Nather

Associated Press: Arpaio not barred from enforcing immigration laws
By Jacques Billeaud and Cristina Silva

Washington Post (Blog): House GOP could still kill immigration reform
By Jamelle Bouie

Washington Post (Blog): Immigration opponents’ arguments are really poor
By Jennifer Rubin

Real Time with Bill Maher (Blog): Immigration Cessation
By Bill Maher

The Hill (Blog): The right side of history: Making immigration reform truly comprehensive
By Sharon Stapel

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah police policies vary on use of undocumented immigrants as informants
By Janelle Stecklein

Truthout (Opinion): Unlikely Coalition on Immigration Reform Rose Rapidly
By Max Zahn

Think Progress: ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Bill Could Make North Carolina The Next Arizona
By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee