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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, May 16, 2014

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Associated Press: Obama administration reviewing ‘Secure Communities’ program of immigration enforcement
By Erica Werner

PBS NewsHour: Jeh Johnson on counterterrorism challenges, deportation enforcement
By Judy Woodruff

Washington Post: Homeland Security chief says ‘fresh start’ needed for deportation program
By Josh Hicks

Politico: Jeh Johnson: ‘Fresh look’ at Secure Communities immigration enforcement
By Seung Min Kim

The Hill: House to consider Defense bill next week
By Cristina Marcos

Roll Call: Conservatives Prepare to Go to Battle Over ENLIST Act
By Emma Dumain

Huffington Post: Condoleezza Rice: I Will Be Looking For A Pro-Immigration-Reform Candidate In 2016
By Elise Foley

Politico: Condoleezza Rice on Jeb Bush 2016: ‘I hope he does’
By Lucy McCalmont

The Hill: Condi Rice likes Jeb Bush, Rubio in 2016
By Cameron Joseph

Wall Street Journal: The Hitch in Republicans’ Plan for Immigration Reform
By Jim Manley

Washington Post: Conservatives seek to regain control of Republican agenda
By Robert Costa

The Hill: Released criminals become GOP’s new weapon in immigration fight
By Mike Lillis

Vox: The government is prosecuting the immigrants Obama promised to help
By Dara Lind

CNN: Deported veterans ask Obama for relief
By Leigh Ann Caldwell

Washington Times: ISTOOK: Remove Obama’s power to control immigration policy, says House Judiciary chairman
By Ernest Istook

CBS DC: Pelosi: ‘As A Country, We Cannot Prohibit A Path To Citizenship’ For Illegal Aliens

CNBC: The shortage of farm workers and your grocery bill
By Mark Koba

Arizona Republic (Arizona): Salmon, Sinema: Immigration reform on way
By Gary Nelson

Washington Post (Virginia): Conservative Va. lawmaker wants to impeach AG Herring over gay marriage and immigration
By Jenna Portnoy

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Immigration Reform Next Year. Promise.
By Jason L. Riley

Atlanta Journal Constitution (Opinion): GOP will pass immigration reform on ’12th of Never’
By Jay Bookman

Washington Post (Right Turn): Tea party group backs immigration reform (!)
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Wonkblog): One bipartisan way to reduce national debt: immigration reform
By Danielle Paquette

Huffington Post (Blog): Citizenship Games
By Laura Murray-Tjan

Huffington Post (Blog): Meddling with Driver’s Licenses and Rebooting S-Comm: Sec. Johnson Failing Key Tests on Immigration
By Reshma Shamasunder

Anniston Star (Alabama – Editorial): Editorial: Stirring the GOP’s pot — U.S. Chamber of Commerce president gives Republicans a message

Deseret News (Utah – Editorial): In our opinion: Progress from conservatives, state officials, Obama administration bodes well for immigration reform

Des Moines Register (Iowa – Opinion): Credit conservative leaders for change on immigration
By Rekha Basu

Boston Herald (Massachusetts – Opinion): Rótolo: Fed deportation rules fail to focus on the violent
By Laura Rótolo