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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, July 3, 2013

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The Huffington Post: Republicans Who Back Immigration Reform More Likely To Win Latino Vote: Poll

Hullabaloo by David Atkins: Republicans will become more racist, not less

DailyKos by Markos Moulitsas: Unskewing the election results

Washington Post By Sean Sullivan: Balz book: Romney considered scrapping bid in spring of 2011

Huffington Post By Caitlin MacNeal: OFA Rallies For Immigration Reform With Mixed Success 

New York Times By Julia Preston: Immigration Campaign to Target 11 House Republicans

KDVR By Eli Stokols: Colo. Hispanics ramp up immigration bill pressure on Coffman

Staten Island Advance By Judy L. Randall: Staten Island immigrant coalition urges House and Grimm to pass immigration reform law 

Politico By Rebecca Elliott: Luis Gutierrez dares GOP to vote down bill 

ABC Univision By Jordan Fabian and Ted Hesson: The Plan to Sell House Republicans on Immigration Reform

CBS News By Louise Dufresne: Goodlatte pushes “step-by-step approach” to immigration reform in the House

Roll Call By Meredith Shiner: Reid Continues Recess Push for Immigration

Houston Chronicle By Gary Martin: Rep. Filemon Vela quits Congressional Hispanic Caucus to protest lawmakers’ acceptance of border ‘militarization’

VOXXI By Griselda Nevarez: House Immigration Reform Efforts Explained

Reno Gazette Journal By Ray Hagar:Amodei: Current immigration system ‘works for absolutely no one’

My San Antonio by Drew Joseph: Rep. Castro touts immigration reform bill

McClatchy Washington Bureau by David Lightman: Immigration votes will echo into 2014, 2016 elections

TPM By Eric Lach: Where Have All The Anti-Immigration Activists Gone?

Washington Post By Mike DeBonis: D.C. may issue identical driver’s license for residents here legally and illegally

Mother Jones by Kevin Drum: Republicans Are Missing the Point on Immigration Reform

CBS LOCAL (Miami): Immigration Reform Splitting GOP

New York Times (Editorial): More Unfairness Toward Immigrants

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): A Pro-Growth Reform: The GOP House should improve the Senate immigration bill, not kill it 

Washington Post (Blog) by Jamelle Bouie: Will immigration reform be the core GOP divide in 2016?