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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, January 31, 2014

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Washington Post: Immigration advocates warm up to GOP legalization plan
By Pamela Constable

Washington Post: Immigration reform advocates praise House GOP ‘principles’
By Aaron Blake

Politico: House leaders sell immigration blueprint
By Seung Min Kim and Jake Sherman

MSNBC: House GOP unveils immigration reform plan
By Benjy Sarlin

Fusion: Immigration Advocates Optimistic About House GOP Plan
By Ted Hesson and Jordan Fabian

International Business Times: GOP Immigration Reform Principles Offer Legal Status But No Citizenship
By Laura Matthews

The Daily Beast: The Coming GOP Immigration War
By Patricia Murphy

VOXXI: House GOP leaders release immigration reform principles
By Griselda Nevarez

Arizona Republic (Arizona): House GOP releases plan for immigration reform
By Daniel González, Erin Kelly and Rebekah Sanders

Texas Tribune (Texas): Legal status, not citizenship, in GOP’s immigration plan
By Julián Aguilar

New York Times: Republicans’ Immigration Blueprint Leaves Party at Odds and Democrats Hopeful
By Jonathan Weisman and Ashley Parker

Washington Post: House GOP leaders embrace immigration fix that includes legal status for undocumented
By David Nakamura and Paul Kane

Wall Street Journal: House Republicans Unveil Their Immigration Plan
By Kristina Peterson and Laura Meckler

Reuters: U.S. Republicans wary as they weigh immigration reforms
By Richard Cowan and Susan Cornwell

Bloomberg News: House Republicans Back Plan to Legalize Undocumented Workers
By Michael C. Bender and Derek Wallbank

Politico: GOP immigration principles support legalization
By Seung Min Kim and Jake Sherman

USA Today: House GOP unveils immigration ‘principles’
By Susan Davis and Alan Gomez

Slate: First Principles
By David Weigel

CBS News: Soul searching on tap as House GOP mulls immigration reform
By Rebecca Kaplan

Fox News: House GOP leaders back limited path to legal status for illegal immigrants

USA Today: First Take: GOP principles provide hope for immigration
By Alan Gomez

Politico: Obama: GOP immigration ‘progress’
By Lucy McCalmont

The Hill: McCain praises House Republicans’ immigration reform principles
By Alexander Bolton

The Hill: Pelosi: GOP immigration reform principles ‘raise more questions than answers’
By Mike Lillis

Fox News Latino: House GOP ‘Immigration Principles’ Allow Many Undocumented Immigrants To Stay In The U.S.
By Elizabeth Llorente

National Journal: Draft Principles Show GOP Is Evolving on Immigration
By Fawn Johnson

Politico: Evangelicals push GOP on reform
By Seung Min Kim

Fox News Latino: Sen. Marco Rubio: Obama Has Lost All Credibility, No Chance For Immigration Reform While He’s In Office

Wall Street Journal: Former Speaker Hastert Calls for Immigration Overhaul
By Laura Meckler

NBC News: First Thoughts: Watching the rhetoric vs. the action
By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro

Associated Press: On Immigration, Obama Doesn’t Rule out Legal Path

Associated Press: Immigration boosts US in an aging world

Fox News: Long lines, suspended lives: Statistics reveal immigration courts are drowning
By Casey Stegall

New York Times (Editorial): Fixing Immigration, in Principle

New York Times (Opinion): Second-Class Noncitizens
By Mae M. Ngai

The Hill (Congress Blog): For immigration reform, common ground is essential
By Rosario Marin

Roll Call (Opinion): 3 Steps for Successful Immigration Reform
By Alex Nowrasteh

The Feehery Theory (Blog): Kristol is Wrong, And It Ain’t the First time
By John Feehery

Salon: GOP’s devious immigration trick: Why Democrats have a looming dilemma
By Brian Beutler