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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, January 29, 2014

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Wall Street Journal: State of the Union: Immigration Airtime During Obama’s Presidency
By Laura Meckler

Washington Post: Who’s sitting with whom?
By Ed O’Keefe

Associated Press: Obama: Time to ‘fix our broken immigration system’

Huffington Post: Obama At SOTU: ‘Let’s Get Immigration Reform Done This Year’
By Elise Foley

Los Angeles Times: Obama careful on immigration in State of the Union, lawmakers say
By Brian Bennett and Daniel Rothberg

NBC Latino: Lawmakers, First Lady put faces to SOTU immigration message
By Suzanne Gamboa

New York Times: In State of the Union Address, Obama Vows to Act Alone on the Economy
By Peter Baker

New York Times: What the State of the Union Address Means for 2014

USA Today: Republicans to Obama: Not so fast
By Susan Davis

Fusion: GOP Congressman: ‘Un-American’ to Deny Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants
By Jordan Fabian

TIME: House GOP To Hammer Out Immigration Stance
By Denver Nicks

NPR: House GOP Leaders Begin To Move On Immigration
By David Welna

Bloomberg: House Republicans Revive U.S. Immigration Debate Dividing Party
By Michael C. Bender and Derek Wallbank

The Hill: Boehner must decide on immigration
By Russell Berman

Financial Times: Business groups press Republicans over immigration reform
By Barney Jopson

Politico: Don Graham launches immigration movement
By Hadas Gold

Denver Post (Colorado): Colorado Republicans appreciate Obama’s soft touch on immigration
By Allison Sherry

CBS Local Chicago (Illinois): Immigration Rights Activists Hope For Action From Obama
By Dana Kozlov

Fresno Bee (California): Immigrant driver’s licenses prompt concerns about required documents, legal risk
By Jeremy B. White

Washington Post (Right Turn): Immigration reform prospects brighten
By Jennifer Rubin

Bloomberg (Opinion): Will Pelosi Help Republicans Reform Immigration?
By Albert R. Hunt

The Hill (Congress Blog): Justice demands immigration reform
By Cristian Avila

New York Times (Opinion): Pushing Inaction on Immigration
By Andrew Rosenthal

New York Times (Opinion): Principles? What Principles?
By Bill Keller

Detroit News (Michigan — Opinion): Finney: Michigan’s open-arms immigration makes economic sense
By Michael Finney