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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, May 29, 2014

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Associated Press: Immigration delay ups the ante on Obama, GOP
By Josh Lederman and Erica Werner

Huffington Post (Blog): Immigration On The Concert Stage, Silver Screen & In The Legislature: Calle 13 @ Coachella, The Undocumented, How Democracy Works Now + Mercedes Sosa’s Final Recording Session
By Michael Vazquez

Talk Radio News Service: Immigration Activists Decry Continuing Deportations
By Rachel Jungkind

Financial Times: Obama delays review of deportations
By Barney Jopson

Business Insider: Obama Gives Boehner One Last Deadline For Immigration Reform
By Brett Logiurato

National Journal: The Strategy to Hold Off on Deportation Changes Wins Out
By Elahe Izadi

CNN: Some Latino groups express frustration with administration delay on immigration review
By Kevin Bohn

The Hill: Boehner: Obama ‘playing politics’ on deportations
By Justin Sink

The Hill: Hoyer ‘not optimistic’ about immigration bill
By Mike Lillis

Wall Street Journal: More Political Maneuvering on Immigration Reform?
By Jim Manley

Vox: Another 97,000 immigrants will get deported before the White House acts
By Dara Lind

Vox: Did Obama just get played by Republicans on immigration?
By Dara Lind

Mother Jones: Obama Makes Pointless Gesture on Immigration. But Why?
By Kevin Drum

Latin Post: Will Obama’s Delay of Deportation Policies Help Save Immigration Reform? Poll Says Tea Party Voters Want Reform This Year
By Nicole Akoukou Thompson

Associated Press: Cantor Pressured From Both Sides on Immigration
By Alan Suderman

Huffington Post: Eric Cantor Attacked From All Sides On Immigration
By Elise Foley

Politico: On immigration, Eric Cantor can’t win
By Seung Min Kim

Roll Call: On Immigration, the Pressure Mounts for Eric Cantor
By Emma Dumain

KJZZ (Arizona): Flake: Congress Has Small Window On Immigration Reform
By Steve Goldstein

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia): Georgia’s largest source of immigrants: First Germany then Mexico
By Jeremy Redmon

New York Times (Editorial): Adding Delay to Immigration Failure

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Cantor’s cause for concern in the Commonwealth
By Steve Benen

National Journal (Opinion): What Both Parties Don’t Get About Hispanics
By Ron Fournier

Fox News Latino (Opinion): Opinion: Immigrant Detainees Deserve Fair Pay, Justice
By Raúl A. Reyes

Huffington Post (Blog): Scoring House Republicans’ Performance on Immigration
By Janet Murguía

Arizona Republic (Arizona – Editorial): Plugging holes won’t solve immigration

Seattle Times (Washington – Opinion): Guest: Why Washington’s farms need immigration reform
By Mike LaPlant