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“Morning Joe” Hosts Flip Out When Rob Reiner Suggests Some Of Trump’s Support Is Coming From Racists

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“Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were absolutely incredulous — watch Mika throw her hands up to her face in frustration! — at the suggestion that some of Donald Trump’s supporters are racists and bigots.


“Oh my God. Did you just say that? No, you just said that!” Scarborough screeched at actor and director Rob Reiner.

Never mind the assaults we’re seeing against immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, and Black people at the hands of Donald Trump’s supporters.

Never mind the support Donald Trump is receiving from white supremacists and the KKK, harkening back to the days of George Wallace.

And never mind when Donald Trump retweets many of those white supremacists himself.

“Could this not be about working-class Americans left behind by the Republican Party?” begged Scarborough, himself (along with his co-host Mika) having been accused of being way too cozy with the Trump campaign for comfort.

Sure, said Reiner, but also noting that many people worried about their own wages and the economy are also flocking to other campaigns, but without the violent outbursts we’re seeing at Trump’s rallies. “Come on, Joe. Be honest here!” continued Reiner.

Earlier this year, the New York Times undertook a survey of Trump supporters. Among the many horrific findings, the NYT revealed 20% of surveyed Trumpians did not approve of freeing slaves after the Civil War.

Others disagreed with President Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation,” while others agreed that the internment with Japanese-Americans during WWII was a good idea.

But you keep pushing that “economic anxieties” talk, Joe.