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Immigration Blitz: Brewer Fesses Up, Birth Tourism Debunked, Happy Labor Day

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Welcome back from the Labor Day weekend! Here’s what you may have missed while tending to the grill:

  • France and Germany are really bad at immigration.

  • Daily Kos’ McJoan cites Ezra Klein on social security and immigration: The issue isn’t that Social Security is spending too much or that we’re living too long. It’s that we’re not having enough children (or letting in enough immigrants)…”

  • Mari Herreras of Tuscon Weekly and Alternet on “Why Becoming a Legal Immigrant Is Next to Impossible.”

  • Reviews still pouring in for Rodriguez’ ‘Machete’ a bloody, star-studded, ostensibly immigration-related action flick, which opened Friday: Machete Review: Sharp, Bloody Fun (TIME); HuffPost Review; Vivir Latino “at the Cine”.

  • A Labor Day Thank You to Immigrants for building the economy, via Alternet: “In tough economic times, undocumented immigrants are convenient scapegoats for stagnation and unemployment. But the economic reality doesn’t match up. And there’s no better time than Labor Day to set the record straight.”

  • Finally, AP debunks the latest FOX News talking point on immigration, “birth tourism.” Via AP “Princeton University demographer Douglas Massey said in 30 years studying Mexican immigration, he’s never interviewed a migrant who said they came to the United States just to get citizenship for their children.”

Welcome back. Stay tuned.