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Live-Blogging DREAM Vote: TODAY

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This will be the last update tonight, but stay tuned for more tomorrow, when the Senate will take up the DREAM Act (around 11 am).

Thanks so much to everyone who made visits, calls, posted facebook messages, tweeted, and worked their hearts out for this major victory.

No matter what happens tomorrow, we’ve done what many believed was impossible and made it one step closer toward basic justice for young people who want nothing more than to give back to the country they call home.

Here’s a statement from Frank Sharry:

“Tonight the House of Representatives approved the DREAM Act by 216-198. This is a huge victory for high-achieving young immigrants who want to go to college and serve in the military, and for the American values of decency, compassion and opportunity. We congratulate the House for this historic vote.”

Now it’s onto the Senate. Tomorrow’s vote will be a defining vote. It’s one of those votes that will stick with each and every Senator for the rest of their career. They either stand up for young immigrants who are Americans in all but paperwork, or slam the door shut on the best and the brightest of the immigrant community. We urge them to do the smart thing and the right thing.”

UPDATE – 10:30 PM EST: Sorry for the delay (connection issues at the Capitol), but we’re happy to announce that the DREAM Act passed out of the House of Representatives today, by a vote of 216-198.

Watch video of Speaker Pelosi announcing the victory: