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Latino Republicans Shamefully Backpeddle on Donald Trump Criticism

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Latino Republicans who have railed on Donald Trump and his racist comments for months are shamelessly back-peddling and endorsing him for President.

One high-profile Latina Republican even scrubbed her Twitter feed of anti-Trump tweets after getting hired by the RNC as Director of Hispanic Communications. Recently, she even went on national television to declare that Trump “is not a racist.”

More on this from Juan Escalante’s new Medium piece, “It’s Official: Donald Trump’s Racist Agenda Is The GOP,” below:

Marco Rubio is not alone. Just like him, Republicans at all levels have pivoted their stances, publicly or silently, about Trump in an attempt to put their party above American families.

Alfonso Aguilar, the President of the Latino Partnership for Conservatives Principles, labeled Donald Trump’s attacks on Mexican immigrants as “ludicrous, baseless and insulting” last year. Today, Aguilar is the lead author of a letter that encourages Latinos to support Donald Trump.

Similarly, Hellen Aguirre Ferré, a veteran radio host and current chairwoman of the Miami-Dade College Board of Trustees, was once known for her sharp criticism of Donald Trump.

Now, Aguirre Ferré is defending Trump by stating that Trump “is not racist,” which must be a new Republican talking point as Miami-Dade GOP Chairman Nelson Diaz arrived at the same conclusion; saying he does not believe Trump is a racist simply because “ he’s not a politician.”

Last July, Aguilar said that Trump’s racist remarks upon launching his Presidential campaign — that immigrants from Mexico are criminals and “rapists” — “hurts the party with Hispanic voters. It’s a level of idiocy I haven’t seen in a long time.” Later that year, he called Trump’s mass-deportation plan “not the American way.”

Now he’s urging Latinos to back Trump. Unbelievable.

As we noted earlier, Republicans are facing a hell of a wakeup call when it comes to new-found “Latino voter outreach” efforts. Not only is Donald Trump the most unpopular Republican candidate among Latinos in modern history —  “a whopping 78% of Hispanic voters have an unfavorable opinion” of the Presidential candidate — but he’s dragging down the rest of the party down with him too.

Trump and his new-found Latino Republican allies are sure gonna need a lot more than a taco bowl tweet to make up for that year of racism.