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Latina Republican Rips Into Donald Trump: He “Is Hurting This Country. No More Silence. No Mas”

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GOP strategist and CNN commentator Ana Navarro ripped into Donald Trump during two TV appearances last week, showing the courage severely lacking from Republican leaders who are still supporting him even after his racist attacks on a federal judge.

“It is highly offensive as a Hispanic. What he is doing is wagging the dog,” Navarro told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.” “How dare he. How dare he question a judge’s responsibility, a judge’s adherence to the Constitution, because he is of Mexican descent?

“This man was born in East Chicago. He is an American citizen. He is just as American as Donald Trump.”

“Mexican-Americans bleed, just as any other American, when they go to war. They bled just as any other American on 9/11. They fight for America. They are Americans. And what he is doing is disgusting. I am livid about it, and if this is his strategy to win over Hispanics, he’s got a hell of a wake-up call coming to him come November.”

During a second appearance with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Navarro said Trump has made attacking Latinos “his cause,” and he “wants to take us back 50 years to where we were before, to the racial divisions. It is unacceptable.”

“For him to say, that that judge is Mexican, that judge born of immigrant parents — not a daddy who gave him a million dollars — a judge who had to bust his chops to become a lawyer, and then become a judge, a judge who is just as American as four of his children who were both to immigrant mothers — or were not three of his children born to Ivana Trump of Czechoslovakia and Melania Trump of Slovenia? — how dare he call into question that man’s citizenship.”

“We are allowed to love America, we are American as much as Donald Trump is. He is hurting this party, he is hurting this country, and it is enough already. No more silence. No mas.”