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John McCain Is No Fan of Romney’s “Self-Deportation” Immigration Strategy

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Mitt Romney’s call for self-deportation has generated intense criticism from a wide swath of folks, ranging from editorial writers and activists to even John McCain! Yes, the 2008 GOP presidential nominee (who used to be a leader in the quest for immigration reform before he turned his back on those efforts) appeared on Al Punto with Jorge Ramos this weekend. McCain, who has already endorsed Romney’s candidacy, was asked by Ramos about Romney’s self-deportation plan. The short of it is that McCain doesn’t approve.


McCain could and should be working on the “broader solution” himself, but he continues to use the debunked “border security” talking point. McCain is also aware of the power of the Latino vote. That’s one of the reasons he lost in 2008. And it’s one of the reasons his home state of Arizona is now a battleground, as Chuck Todd tweeted on Saturday night.

H/T Think Progress.