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Jeb Bush Says Donald Trump Is “Scary,” But He’d Support Him As The GOP Nominee Anyway

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Last Sunday, GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush complained to CBS’ “Face The Nation” that “it’s kind of scary” to listen to Donald Trump talk, saying that “he’s all over the map, misinformed at best and praying on people’s fears at worst.”

Still, that didn’t stop Jeb from telling that same program that he’d support Trump as the GOP’s nominee anyway, who as President would launch a “Deportation Force” straight out of an authoritarian nightmare tasked with rounding up millions of immigrants (along with an untold number of their citizen children) for deportation.

Jeb’s reasoning for supporting a candidate widely and openly embraced by white nationalists? “Anybody is better than Hillary Clinton.”

Wow. Nice knowing that Jeb — who once “mistakenly” labeled himself as “Hispanic” on a voter registration form in 2009 — would be so quick to throw 55 million (and counting) members of the Hispanic community in the United States under the 24-karat-gold-plated Trump bus in the cold name of politics.

Trump’s xenophobic attacks on the Latino and immigrant communities are personal, and they should be especially personal for someone like Jeb Bush.

Maybe Jeb has forgotten Trump insulted members of his own family — including his biracial children and Mexican-born wife, Columba — with racist claims that immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” Trump said about immigrants like Columba.

Maybe Jeb has forgotten Trump then doubled-down on the personal attacks against the Bush family just a few weeks later, tweeting (then deleting) a disparaging remark about her.

Maybe Jeb has forgotten that when finally face-to-face with Trump at the second GOP debate in September, Trump flat-out refused to apologize to Columba, who was sitting in the audience that evening. “I won’t apologize, I didn’t do anything wrong,” Trump insisted.

Always in desperate need of the last word on everything, Trump added that Bush was “weak” on immigration. “He doesn’t get my vote.”

Yet, Bush is still willing to support a candidate who has not only been completely vile to members of his own family, but insulting to women, Muslim-Americans, and African-Americans, too.

In the past, Jeb has repeatedly cited his own family’s history as a testament to his immigrant-friendly credentials. But with friends like these…