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Jeb Bush to GOP: Pass Legislation on Immigration Reform

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Currently, Republicans are all over the place in how they want to respond to President Obama’s recent executive action: some are calling for a government shutdown, while others want to wait until next year to take up the issue.  Some want to disinvite Obama from giving his annual State of the Union address, while others want to decrease funds for Air Force One and the White House.

Former Florida Governor and potential GOP candidate Jeb Bush is advocating a different tack, and encouraging his colleagues to actually pass legislation rather than obstructing things as usual.  Here’s the report from the Washington Post:

At a private luncheon Monday on Capitol Hill, former Florida governor Jeb Bush told a group of GOP officials and donors, including soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, that the party should avoid a standoff.

Instead, Bush said in brief remarks, Republicans should pass a series of “sensible” immigration bills next year once they control both congressional chambers to underscore their commitment to governing and reforming the immigration system with their own policies.

Unfortunately for any future chance the GOP has with Latino voters, the odds of them following Jeb’s advice appear quite low.