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Immigration reform is possible in 2010, says Rep. Xavier Becerra

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Originally posted at the Spanish-Language Blog, MaribelHastings.comXavierBecerra

Becerra spoke with reporters on a telephonic press conference, conducted in Spanish, organized by MaribelHastings.com.

The press call was conducted on the eve of the first anniversary of Barack Obama’s presidency, and a week before he is expected to deliver his first State of the Union address.

Asked whether House leadership had the political will to move comprehensive immigration reform legislation once the Senate passes a bill, which members of both houses have indicated is the current strategy, Becerra said: “The answer is, of course.” “This year, working with the Senate, we can accomplish reform of our immigration system. Of course it will be difficult, but with the bipartisan support of the Senate and the House, it is not only possible, but necessary, to finish it this year,” the congressman declared.

Although President Obama’s promise to introduce reform legislation in his first year in office has gone unfulfilled, Becerra said that “the president remembers his promise well and I think that there’s an understanding of the political and social circumstances…that he faces at the moment while he struggles with the immigration issue.”