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Community groups prepare for state fights

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The New York Times reported last week that Republicans at the state and local levels plan to introduce a wave of anti-immigrant measures over the next year.      

According to The New York Times: 

Legislative leaders in at least half a dozen states say they will propose bills similar to a controversial law to fight illegal immigration that was adopted by Arizona last spring, even though a federal court has suspended central provisions of that statute.

Republicans are stronger at the state level than at any time in the last 80 years.  Last week, at least five Republican-held states planned to begin an unconstitutional effort to ban United States citizenship for children born in the US of undocumented immigrants.
“The states are stepping in and filling the void left by the federal government” said Randy Terrill, a leading anti-immigrant rep. in Oklahoma.
As Jessica Acee points out at Imagine 2050, pro-migrant activists and groups are no longer waiting for national leadership from Washington to stop the harassment of immigrants and their families.

Acee argues that now is the time for communities like Bernard Pastor’s in Ohio (watch the story below) to “join together and fight anti-immigrant bigotry”: