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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, November 3, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

USA Today: How Trump is helping Clinton: Latino mobilization takes shape
By Heidi Przybyla

Talk Radio News Service: Immigration Activists Blast Paul Ryan
By Brittany Gervals

Blackstar News (Opinion): Political Suicide: GOP Gives Up On The Hispanic Vote, Again
By Maribel Hastings

Associated Press: White House Calls Ryan’s Immigration Remarks ‘Preposterous’
By Kathleen Hennessey and Erica Werner

Roll Call: White House Throws First Elbow at Speaker Ryan
By John Bennett

The Hill: White House blasts Ryan’s ‘preposterous’ position on immigration
By Jordan Fabian

ThinkProgress: Ben Carson: Birthright Citizenship Was ‘Not Intended’ For ‘Anchor’ Children
By Alice Ollstein

Daily Beast: NBC Faces Mounting Pressure to Fire Trump as ‘SNL’ Host, but Ratings Are King
By Matt Wilstein

Bloomberg: Marco Rubio’s Past Immigration Efforts Haunt His Presidential Ambitions
By Sahil Kapur

National Journal: How Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Are Already Consolidating Their Wings of the GOP
By Scott Bland

Quad City Times: Santorum targets Cruz on immigration
By Ed Tibbetts

Miami Herald: Jeb Bush, Miami congressman call on GOP to reinstate Telemundo debate
By Kristen Clark and Patricia Mazzei

Politico: Univision’s Jorge Ramos draws parallel between Trump and Castro
By Nick Gass

Politico: Soros son’s group releases ad
By Isaac Arnsdorf

Huffington Post: Steve King Plans Bill To Target Undocumented Immigrant Protesters
By Elise Foley

International Business Times: Anonymous KKK List Names US Senators, Mayors: Alleged Ku Klux Klan Members Include John Cornyn Of Texas
By Clark Mindock

The Hill: Hispanic lawmakers urge NBC to disinvite Trump from ‘SNL’
By Christina Marcos

NBC: Pew Report: African Immigrant Population Growing Steadily
By Maya Chung

Vox: Inside the government’s most powerful weapon for deporting unauthorized immigrants
By Dara Lind

Boston Globe: Cruelty adds to loss for families of missing migrants
By Maria Sacchetti

Denver Post (Colorado): Cory Gardner endorses Marco Rubio, defends his voting record
By John Frank

Sun Sentinel (Florida): Palm Beach County’s immigration debate questioned
By Andy Reid

Texas Tribune (Texas): Texas Activists Want Action on Immigration Issues
By Jay Root and Julian Aguilar

Greensboro News and Record (North Carolina): McCrory’s email on immigration law ‘pure damage control’
By Joe Killian

Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania): Philly restaurateur takes on immigration
By Michael Matza

ABC 15 (Arizona): Valley mother outraged over immigration reform; Officer Brandon Mendoza’s mom pushing for change
By Angie Koehle

Washington Post (Blog): Why Speaker Ryan can’t be ‘trusted’ on Obama and immigration
By Jonathan Capehart

MSNBC (Blog): Ryan removes all doubt, says immigration reform is dead
By Steve Benen

CNBC (Opinion): Immigration stalemate’s surprise winner
By Pierre Pettigrew

Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial): Speaker Ryan plays politics with immigration reform

En español 

Postura de Ryan sobre la reforma migratoria desata críticas en la comunidad inmigrante

Paul Ryan trata de apaciguar a los antiinmigrantes
Latino California

GOP: ¿Renunciando al voto latino?
Por Maribel Hastings

Ben Carson se sitúa como líder destacado entre los republicanos para 2016
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Trump se contradice con visas
Univision Noticias

Congresistas hispanos rechazan a Trump en show de TV
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Congresistas hispanos piden a “Saturday Night Live” que no invite a Trump
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Caucus Hispano solicita a “Saturday Night Live” no invitar a Donald Trump
EFE/La Opinión

Jeb Bush asegura que desconocía estrategia de sus asesores contra Marco Rubio
EFE/La Opinión

Jeb Bush muestra los dientes y defiende su campaña electoral
AFP/El Nuevo Herald

Jeb Bush busca impulsar su campaña y minimizar los estragos del último debate
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

¿Por qué los republicanos hablan tan poco con los hispanos?

Ryan: Trump sería mejor presidente que Hillary Clinton

Inmigración: Casa Blanca critica a Ryan por su nueva postura
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Buque EEUU en honor a militar hispano captura “su espíritu”, según familiares
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Recuerdan en El Paso a miles de inmigrantes muertos en la frontera con EEUU
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Encuentran a 79 inmigrantes hacinados en un tráiler en el norte de México

Salvadoreños, en el limbo por demora del gobierno para renovar los permisos TPS

Denuncian uso excesivo de “Tasers” por agentes fronterizos
EFE/La Opinión