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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, November 19, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

Politico: Syrian refugees split Democratic Party
By Seung Min Kim and Burgess Everett

National Journal: Syrian Refugees Caught Between Political Rhetoric and Reality After Paris
By Molly O’Toole

NPR: Barring Syrian Refugees From The West Would Be Bad For The Middle East
By Jason Beaubian

Huffington Post: John McCain On Refugees: ‘All Children Are God’s Children’
By Laura Barron-Lopez and Elise Foley

Fusion: Read this woman’s perfect explanation of what it takes to be accepted as a refugee in America
By Nidhi Prakash

Huffington Post: State Senator Says Syrian Refugees In U.S. Should Be Segregated In Camps
By Elise Foley

Bloomberg: Bloomberg Poll: Most Americans Oppose Syrian Refugee Resettlement
By Margaret Talev

NBC News: Poll: A Majority of Americans Oppose Accepting Syrian Refugees
By Allison Kopicki and John Lapinski and Hannah Hartig

Washington Post: State, local officials continue arguing over accepting Syrian refugees
By Mark Berman and Rachel Weiner

AP: Tennessee GOP Leader Wants Guard to Round Up Syrian Refugees

AP: Roanoke Mayor Asks to Suspend Relocating of Syrian Refugees

New York Times: De Blasio Chides Christie on Immigrants [VIDEO]

New York Times: Malloy Welcomes a Syrian Family to Connecticut as Christie Shuns Refugees
By Liz Robbins

USA Today: Indiana-bound Syrian refugees redirected to Connecticut
By Maureen Groppe and Justin Mack

Vox: Indiana was supposed to welcome a Syrian family this week. It sent them to Connecticut instead.
By Dara Lind

CNN: Mayors strike back against governors in refugee fight
By Eugene Scott

NPR (Texas): Texas Governor Joins Dozens Of Others Saying No To Syrian Refugees
By John Burnett

Boston Globe: Seth Moulton opened his home, heart to a refugee
By Yvonne Abraham

Wall Street Journal: Obama Threatens to Veto House Syrian Refugee Bill
By Kristina Peterson

National Journal: GOP Bill Would Add New Checks to Refugee Process

Roll Call: Senators Focused on Visa Waiver Vulnerabilities
By Niels Lesniewski and Matthew Fleming

The Hill: Obama, GOP amp up refugee fight
By Jordan Fabian

New York Times: Labor Union to Start ‘Substantial’ Ad Campaign Hitting Republicans on Immigration
By Alan Rappeport

Washington Post: Watching the Latin Grammys tonight? Look out for this ad attacking GOP presidential candidates.
By Ed O’Keefe

Politico: SEIU launches ad hitting 2016 Republicans on immigration
By Lauren French

Huffington Post: Pro-Immigration Reform Groups To Run Ad Ripping GOP Candidates During Latin Grammys
By Elise Foley

The Hill: SEIU hits GOP field on immigration
By Tim Devaney

Washington Post: It’s on: Rubio and Cruz clash over immigration and the GOP’s future
By Sean Sullivan and Katie Zezima

NBC News: Growing Number of Voters Have Families Impacted by Immigration Policy
By Griselda Nevarez

Politico: NBC exec’s ‘illegals’ remark angers Hispanic lawmakers
By Lauren French and Hadas Gold

National Journal: Nashville’s Case for Progressive Immigration Policy
By Matt Vasilogambros

New York Times (Editorial): Refugees From War Aren’t the Enemy

Washington Post (Editorial): Mr. Trump spreads dangerous lies about Syrian refugees

New York Times (Op-Ed): Following the Terrorists’ Script
By Nicholas Kristof

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Mistrusting Obama on ISIS—and Refugees
By Jason Riley

US News and World Report (Opinion): The Great Immigration Crackup
By Jill Lawrence

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Republicans at Waterloo
By Francis Wilkinson

MSNBC (Op-Ed): America doesn’t turn its back on refugees
By David Leopold

Washington Post (Plum Line): President Trump will be much tougher on Syrian refugees than squishy GOP leaders will
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post  (The Fix): Why fear is more prevalent — and powerful — among conservatives
By Janell Ross

Washington Post  (The Fix): Virginia mayor cites Japanese internment camps (favorably) in making case for halting Syrian refugees. Really.
By Amber Philips

Politico Magazine (Opinion): We Have Enough Refugees Already
By Rich Lowry

The Atlantic (Opinion): Can Terrorists Really Infiltrate the Syrian Refugee Program?
By Russell Berman

Sacramento Bee (Editorial-California): Stop hysteria on Syrian refugees

Dallas Morning News (Opinion- Texas): Syrian refugee bans? ‘Like George Wallace at the Door of the University
By Dianne Solis

En español:

Terror en París: separando la paja del trigo
Maribel Hastings

Detienen en Honduras a cinco supuestos sirios que iban a EEUU con pasaportes robados

Detienen a cinco sirios en aeropuerto Toncontín (Galería y Video)
La Tribuna (Honduras)

Sirios rumbo a EEUU con pasaportes robados fueron detenidos en Honduras
EFE/La Opinión

Detienen a 5 sirios que intentaban entrar a Honduras con pasaportes griegos robados
CNN en Español

Honduras captura a 5 sirios con pasaportes robados griegos que iban a EEUU
El Nuevo Herald

Casa Blanca habla con 34 gobernadores sobre refugiados
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Obama vetará cualquier ley que limite el ingreso de refugiados sirios
El Nuevo Herald

Clinton: la ‘retórica de odio’ del Partido Republicano hacia los refugiados sirios es un ‘golpe bajo’
CNN en Español

Activistas buscan ayudar a refugiados sirios
Noticiero Univision

Hillary Clinton aboga por “vetar” a algunos refugiados sirios
EFE/La Opinión

Rubio: sus raíces cubanas y cómo sería su presidencia
El Nuevo Herald

Trump elige a Ted Cruz cuando le preguntan por su posible vicepresidente
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Musulmanes condenan islamofobia de Trump

Jeb Bush tiene tiempo para recuperarase, asegura estratega republicano
La Opinión/Impremedia

Hillary Clinton pesca apoyo de influyente sindicato para 2016 (Video)
La Opinión/Impemedia

Ataques de París empujan a precandidatos presidenciales a delinear planes contra ISIS
La Opinión/Impremedia

La Habana quiere una “solución rápida” para cubanos bloqueados en Costa Rica
AFP/Yahoo Noticias

Cuba achaca problema de inmigrantes en Centroamérica a las políticas de EEUU
EFE/El Nuevo Herald

Miles de cubanos, varados entre Costa Rica y Nicaragua
CNN en Español

EEUU devuelve a Cuba a 39 inmigrantes que intentaron llegar en balsas
El Nuevo Herald

¿Cómo está su español, Secretario Castro?
León Krauze/Univision.com

El efecto dominó entre Guatemala, México y EEUU
Julie López/La Opinión

Banderas y acentos
Jorge Ramos/Univision

Dos bases políticas diferentes
Humberto Caspa/La Opinión

Embajador de México: el votante inteligente pondrá en su lugar a candidatos antiinmigrantes
La Opinión/Impremedia

Estudiantes extranjeros se adueñan de las universidades de California
EFE/La Opinión

Mexicanos en EEUU son los más pesimistas: creen que morirán jóvenes
AFP/Yahoo Noticias

Los mexicanos son los que menos se hacen ciudadanos de EEUU
La Opinión/Impremedia

Dolores Huerta, condecorada por México con la Orden del Águila Azteca
La Opinión/Impremedia