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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, July 27, 2016

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English (en español al final de la página):

New York Times: U.S. to Admit More Central American Refugees
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Washington Times: White House announces surge for Central American refugees
By Stephen Dinan

Washington Post: How Karla Ortiz, 11-year-old daughter of undocumented immigrants, made a powerful political case
By Janell Ross

Politico: Bill Clinton asks voters to embrace the ‘real’ Hillary
By Nick Gass

Texas Public Radio: Eva Longoria Talks Immigration and Hillary Clinton Support At DNC
By Ryan Poppe

ThinkProgress: Latinos Tell The Democratic Party: It’s Not Enough To Say You’re Better Than Trump
By Alice Ollstein

Associated Press: Clinton campaign seeks to make most of Kaine’s Spanish
By Amy Taxin and Russell Contreras

Politico: Trump under oath: New testimony says he planned early anti-immigrant rant
By Josh Gerstein

Politico: Beruff’s immigration plan includes building wall, Middle East travel ban
By Matt Dixon

Politico: Bill O’Reilly: Slaves who built White House were ‘well-fed and had decent lodgings’
By Bianca Padro Ocasio

NBC: A Full List of Donald Trump’s Rapidly Changing Policy Positions
By Jane Timm

Time: Dad Behind Pro-Donald Trump ‘USA Freedom Kids’ Plans to Sue Campaign

Talking Points Memo: Trump Testifies He Planned Infamous Mexican ‘Rapists’ Speech In Advance
By Allegra Kirkland

CNN: Hotel fights back after Donald Trump threatens to not pay
By Tal Kopan

The Hill: Trump postpones Hispanic roundtable
By Ben Kamisar

Buzzfeed: Bernie’s Best-Known Latina Staffer Set To Join Post-Campaign “Our Revolution” Group
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Vox: Big Republican donors are very open to Trump’s harsh approach to immigration
By Sean McElwee, Jesse H. Rhodes, and Brian F. Schaffner

Latin Post: Tim Kaine Joins Hillary Clinton in Vowing Comprehensive Immigration Reform Push in First 100 Days
By Glenn Minnis

WKSU: Hillary Clinton’s Political Director Talks About the ‘Most Famous, Least Well-Known’ Woman
By M.L. Schultze

Wall Street Journal: U.S. to Expand Central American Refugee Program
By Miriam Jordan

Washington Post: U.S. to expand refugee program for Central American minors
By David Nakamura

Associated Press: Obama expanding refugee program for Central Americans
By Alicia Caldwell

Reuters: U.S. to expand Central American refugee screening program: source
By Julia Edwards and Patricia Zengerle

Huffington Post: Obama Administration To Expand Program To Allow Central Americans To Enter U.S. As Refugees
By Elise Foley

Associated Press: Former Los Angeles immigration agent gets prison for bribery

Boston Globe: He couldn’t get a visa, and he couldn’t get deported. So he went to law school instead
By Maria Sacchetti

ThinkProgress: The Mass Deportation Of Black Immigrants That You Haven’t Heard About
By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee

ThinkProgress: What 2 Canadian Kids Crossing The Border Playing PokemonGo Tells Us About Immigration Enforcement
By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee

Washington Post (Editorial):The Democratic platform is better than the GOP platform, but it’s not perfect

Washington Post (Opinion): Turning the page on partisan gridlock
By Ruth Marcus

The Atlantic (Opinion): The Class Inversion of American Politics Accelerates
By Ronald Brownstein

The Hill (Op-ed): Why Kaine speaking Spanish is not the advantage everyone says it is
By Raul Reyes

En español:

‘Bautizo’ político para los más jóvenes
Por Maribel Hastings

La vida sigue igual para hispanos en Philly
Por Maribel Hastings y David Torres

Grietas en el festival demócrata de unidad
Por Maribel Hastings

La pendiente reforma migratoria sobre la mesa
Por Maribel Hastings

Hillary Clinton se convierte en la primera mujer nominada a la presidencia por un partido grande

Clinton hizo historia como primera mujer candidata presidencial en  EEUU
La Opinión/Impremedia

Al grito de ‘Bernie o nada’, seguidores del senador socialista prometen continuar su revolución (Video)


Los seguidores de Bernie Sanders que no se dejan convencer para votar por Hillary (Video)

Email del funcionario del DNC “malinterpreta” la solicitud del TPS, dice congresista latina
La Opinión/Impremedia

Schumer promete votar reforma migratoria si demócratas recuperan control del Senado
La Opinión/Impremdia

¿Es demasiado pronto para ilusionarse con la reforma migratoria que promete Clinton?

Estados Unidos expande el “deficiente” programa de refugiados centroamericanos

América Ferrera: Trump está haciendo quer EEUU odie de nuevo

Momento histórico para la mujer
La Opinión/Editorial

Señor presidente, basta ya de deportar a refugiados centroamericanos
Por Jesica Orellana/Univision

Salvadoreños temen que Trump les quite el TPS si llega a la presidencia
La Opinión/Impremedia