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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, January 4, 2016

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English (en español al final de la página):

NPR: Immigration Activists Hope To Maintain Momentum For Reform
By Richard Gonzales

NPR: Immigration Emerging As Top Issue In 2016
By Alexandra Starr

Politico: Hillary’s border crisis
By Glenn Thrush

Reuters: Democratic presidential candidates blast U.S. plan to deport families
By Mark Hosenball and Jonathan Allen

Washington Post (Plum Line): A political bomb is about to blow up in the Democrats’ faces
By Greg Sargent

Washington Times: Republicans applying 2012 lessons to avoid another defeat in 2016
By Seth McLaughlin

Denver Post: Latino vote in Colorado included in national survey
By Mark Matthews

Arizona Republic: DHS plan to raid Central American immigrants draws criticism
By Dan Nowicki and Daniel Gonzalez

Politico: Rubio claims none of his rivals ‘understands immigration better than I do’
By Nick Gass

Buzzfeed News: Rubio: Gang Of Eight Immigration Bill Needed House To Make It A Good Bill
By Christopher Massie

Washington Post: Rubio’s past support for immigration reform haunts him on campaign trail
By Sean Sullivan

Sioux City Journal:Rubio tells Sioux City crowd immigration reform needed to avert terrorist attacks
By Bret Hayworth

Politico: Cruz copying me on border wall, Trump says
By Nick Gass

Washington Post: Donald Trump’s provocative first TV ad raises the temperature of GOP race
By Robert Costa and Philip Rucker

Wall Street Journal: In First TV Ad, Donald Trump Touts Muslim Ban, Taps Into Voter Insecurity
By Beth Reinhard

New York Times (Upshot): Donald Trump’s Strongest Supporters: A Certain Kind of Democrat
By Nate Cohn

New York Times:  Qaeda Affiliate Uses Video of Donald Trump for Recruiting
By Liam Stack

New York Times: Martin O’Malley Urges Obama Administration to Rethink Immigration Raids
By Maggie Haberman

The Hill: O’Malley: Deportation raids would ‘rip apart’ families
By Mark Hensch

The Hill: Trump takes credit for feds’ deportation plan
By Elliott Smilowitz

AP: Presidential candidates differ on border wall with Mexico

NPR: As 2016 Elections Loom, So Does A Possible End To DACA
By Hansi Lo Wang

The Hill: Sanders ramps up battle against Clinton in Nevada
By Jonathan Swann and Ben Kamisar

Washington Post:Activists protest plan to deport Central Americans with White House march
By Joe Heim

CBS News: Immigration raids shouldn’t be used against refugees, say advocates
By Rebecca Kaplan

Huffington Post: Immigration Activists Say Deportation Raids Could Send Families To Their Deaths
By Elise Foley

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Begins Immigration Crackdown on Central Americans
By Miriam Jordan

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Plans Mass Deportation of Illegal Central American Migrants
By Miriam Jordan

Washington Post: U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border
By Jerry Markon and David Nakamura

Los Angeles Times: Families are taken into custody as push to deport immigrants denied refuge begins
By Nigel Duara and Molly Hennessey Fiske

Dallas Morning News: Immigration raids begin targeting Central Americans, DHS defends policy
By Dianne Solis

Reuters: Churches offer refuge for Central Americans facing U.S. deportation
By Steve Gorman

Vox: Obama’s plan to deport Central American immigrants, explained
By Dara Lind

New York Times: Texas Urges Supreme Court to Reject Appeal on Obama’s Immigration Program
By Michael Shear

New York Times: Chuck Schumer Seems to Relish Role as Republicans’ Chief Villain
By Alexander Burns

Politico: Jeh Johnson’s Trump rejoinder: Outreach to Muslims
By Seung Min Kim

AP: A cartoon series brings laughs to raging immigration debate
By Frazier Moore

Washington Post: ‘Bordertown’ writer says new Fox show ‘joked about giving Donald Trump’ credit
By Michael Cavna

Atlanta Journal Constitution (Georgia): Sam Olens: Georgia cannot halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees
By Greg Bluestein

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin): Republican bill seeks to limit local photo ID cards
By Mary Spicuzza

Miami Herald (Florida): Colombian immigrant accused of posing as Puerto Rican to obtain license
By Alfonso Chardy

La Opinion (Editorial): Family Raids Must Stop

La Opinion (Editorial): 2016 will be a better year for the undocumented

La Opinion (Editorial): Donald Trump was the political surprise of 2015

La Opinion (Editorial): The year of the refugees

La Opinion (Editorial): 2016, a year of deportations?

New York Times (Op-Ed): Whatever Happened to Latino Political Power?
By Roberto Suro

Washington Post (Plum Line): Donald Trump’s new TV ad: Make America great by keeping the darkies out
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Wonkblog): Immigrants might be holding your salary down — and making you better off anyway
By Jim Taknersley

NBC News (Opinion): Deportation Raids in 2016 And The Democratic Fallout
By Victoria Defrancesco Soto

CNN (Op-Ed): Immigration raids belong in a Trump, not an Obama, administration
By David Leopold

Daily Beast (Opinion): Latinos Are the One Group That Was Onto Donald Trump From the Start
By Ruben Navarrette Jr.

New York Times (Op-Ed): Marco Rubio Doesn’t Add Up
By Frank Bruni

The Hill (Op-Ed): Trump makes America hate, not great
By Brent Budowsky

New Yorker (Opinion): The Sudden But Well-Deserved Fall of Rahm Emanuel
By Rick Perlstein

Los Angeles Times (Editorial-California): Why the Obama administration is right to deport migrants ordered to leave

En español:

¿Redadas u operativos? Arresto de extranjeros aterra a comunidad inmigrante de EEUU

De “lamentable” e “inhumana” tildan la política de redadas de Obama

DHS finaliza planes para redadas a gran escala contra indocumentados a inicios de 2016
La Opinión/Impremedia

Lanzan campaña nacional de mensajes a Obama para que detenga política de deportaciones

Inmigración salió a arrestar gente
Mundo Hispánico (Georgia)

Activistas: redadas causan alarma entre inmigrantes
Mundo Hispánico (Georgia)

Se cree que van tras al menos 50 familias
Mundo Hispánico (Georgia)

El Servicio de Inmigración no confirma redadas y tampoco comenta operaciones en curso

Gobierno defiende su política de deportaciones ante las fuertes críticas
EFE/La Opinión

Quiénes son los migrantes centroamericanos prioritarios para la deportación
Univision/La Opinión

Activistas piden a Obama un TPS para familias que huyen de la violencia en Centroamérica
La Opinión/Impremedia

Diario: inminentes redadas de inmigración en EEUU
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Advierten que muchos migrantes que sean deportados podrían ser asesinados en sus países

Demócratas denuncian plan de redadas filtrado en víspera de Navidad
La Opinión/Impremedia

Precandidatos reaccionan a plan de deportaciones de DHS (Video)
Noticiero Univision

Líderes religiosos ofrecen refugio para indocumentados en EEUU

Activistas contra nuevas redadas contra indocumentados
Noticiero Telemundo

El Salvador lamenta decisión de EEUU de deportar familias a partir de enero
AFP/Yahoo Noticias

Qué se espera de este año electoral
Al Punto/Univision

La campaña de Trump depende de la cobertura gratuita

Cómo el tema de la inmigración impactará en la campaña presidencial 2016

La imagen de Trump en propaganda terrorista
Noticiero Univision

La caricatura que enfureció a Ted Cruz y el Washington Post se vio obligado a retirar

Candidatos en EEUU difieren sobre muro fronterizo con México
El Nuevo Herald

Esto dice cada candidato sobre construir un muro fronterizo con México
Univision/La Opinión

‘Trump es repugnante’: el mensaje a Trump en el cielo
CNN en Español

Ted Cruz toma ventaja de su reputación de “severo”
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Hay que detener las redadas familiares
La Opinión

El 2016 será mejor para el inmigrante
La Opinion/Impremedia

De regreso a casa
Jorge Ramos/Univison.com

El año de los refugiados
La Opinión/Impremedia

¿Será el 2016 un año de deportaciones?
La Opinión/Impremedia

Degeneración mental
Humberto Caspa/La Opinión

Donald Trump fue la sorpresa política del año
La Opinión/Impremedia

Donald Trump no es el único peligro
Cristóbal J. Alex/Univision.com

Poniéndole freno a ‘pies secos/pies mojados’
El Nuevo Herald

Bordertown, una comedia animada basada en inmigrantes hispanos

Criminales se roban a los migrantes entre sí en EEUU para pedir rescate
Sin Embargo/La Opinión

El centro de detención más grande para niños migrantes estará en Denver
EFE/La Opinión

Unos 70,000 hondureños fueron deportados por México y EEUU en 2015
EFE/La Opinión

Casi 30,000 niños migrantes centroamericanos detenidos en México en 2015
EFE/La Opinión

Trabajadores forman coalición binacional para hacer frente a abusos de trasnacionales
Sin Embargo/La Opinión

Costa Rica inicia trámite de deportación a 56 cubanos

La Navidad (entre cartones) que nunca pensaron pasar en Panamá los cubanos emigrantes

Cubanos varados envían mensajes de Navidad (Video)
Noticiero Univision 23

El Papa pide que Centroamérica resuelva drama de migrantes cubanos
AFP/Yahoo Noticias

Autoridades de EEUU investigan incendio “sospechoso” en mezquita de Texas
AFP/Yahoo Noticias

Guatemalteco muere en centro de detención de Adelanto
La Opinión/Impremedia

Rescatan a 33 migrantes centroamericanos en el norte de México
EFE/La Opinión