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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, February 15, 2017


English (en español al final de la página):

Los Angeles Times: Federal immigration agents arrest a DACA-eligible ‘Dreamer’ in Seattle, lawsuit says
By Matt Pearce and Kurtis Lee

YubaNet: Cutting Through Confusion Around the Immigration Raids

The Monitor (Editorial): EDITORIAL: US immigration raids stoke unnecessary fears

Associated Press: US arrests Mexican immigrant ‘dreamer’ in Seattle
By Lisa Baumann

Reuters: Exclusive: U.S. arrests Mexican immigrant in Seattle covered by Obama program
By Dan Levine and Kristina Cooke

New York Times: Immigrant Protected Under Obama Program Now Fights His Arrest
By Jennifer Medina

Wall Street Journal: Immigrant ‘Dreamer,’ in Custody Since Friday, Challenging Detention
By Miriam Jordan

CNN: Immigrant protected under Obama’s ‘Dreamer’ program is detained
By Ariane de Vogue, Madison Park, Artemis Moshtaghian and Mary Kay Mallonee

Seattle Times: Seattle ‘Dreamer’ sues over his detention under Trump’s immigration actions
By Mike Carter

Washington Post: In apparent case of mistaken identity, father caught in ICE sting
By Mariana Alfaro, The Texas Tribune and Jay Root

Politico: Trump just getting started with immigration raids
By Seung Min Kim and Ted Hesson

Politico: Report accuses ICE of delaying and denying medical care to detained immigrants
By Dan Goldberg

Chicago Tribune: 48 arrested in Chicago area in last week’s immigration raids
By Marwa Eltagouri

ThinkProgress: Federal officials arrested 680 immigrants in 11 states this week alone
By Esther Lee

ThinkProgress: Methodist Sunday school teacher detained in immigration raids
By Jack Jenkins and Esther Lee

Daily Beast: Trump Looks Ready to Outdo ‘Deporter-in-Chief’ Obama
By Betsey Woodruff

Huffington Post: ICE Backs Out Of A Meeting On Deportation Raids With Members Of Congress
By Elise Foley

The Hill: Pelosi: Trump aims to terrify immigrants
By Mike Lillis

The Hill: ICE head cancels meeting with Hispanic Dems
By Rafael Bernal

Washington Post: Thousands march in ‘Day without Latinos’ protest in Milwaukee

ThinkProgress: Sheriff David Clarke commits to immigration crackdown amid protests
By Carimah Townes

Reuters: Challenge to Trump travel ban moves forward in two courts
By Dan Levine

Wall Street Journal: Virginia Judge’s Immigration Ruling Increases Pressure on White House
By Aruna Viswanatha and Brent Kendall

Politico: Why it might be harder than Trump thinks to defend the travel ban in court
By Josh Gerstein

ABC News: Court blocks Trump’s immigration order indefinitely
By James Hill, Lauren Pearle, Meghan Keneally, and Julia Jacobo

Associated Press: AP FACT CHECK: No Trump order to deport welfare immigrants
By Alicia A. Caldwell

Washington Post: Trump’s claim that recent immigration arrests reflect his enforcement policies
By Michelle Ye Hee Lee

ThinkProgress: Trump is reportedly preparing a new Muslim ban. It looks like more of the same.
By Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani

The Verge: Undocumented tech workers brace for Trump’s next move
By Russell Brandom

NBC: This Beloved Scientist Says Trump Is Wrong About Immigration
By Maggie Fox

Baltimore Sun: Immigration advocates in Baltimore area fear increased enforcement
By Yvonne Wenger and Alison Knezevich

Business Insider: Yellen says ‘slowing immigration would slow economic growth’ when asked about Trump’s immigration plans
By Bob Bryan

Associated Press: Phoenix faces Arizona law that bars sanctuary-city status
By Astrid Galvan

Associated Press: Annapolis passes immigration non-discrimination bill

New York Times: What Are Your Rights if Border Agents Want to Search Your Phone?
By Daniel Victor

Washington Post: The new political battleground: Your restaurant receipt
By Maura Judkis

Wall Street Journal: Can Immigration Hurt the Economy? An Old Prejudice Returns
By Eduardo Porter

Washingtonian (Washington, DC): DC Restaurants Prepare For “A Day Without Immigrants” Strike on Thursday
By Jessica Sidman

New York Times (Op-Ed): Sanctuary Cities in Name Only
By Shakeer Rhaman and Robin Steinberg

Wall Street Journal (Op-Ed): Seeking Their Own Refuge, Sanctuary Cities Go to Court
By Jason L. Riley

Forbes (Op-Ed): Reading The Polls: Welcome To America? What Americans Say About Immigration
By Karlyn Bowman

The Hill (Op-Ed): In light of Trump’s travel ban, do you have to be Christian to be a true American?
By Bruce Stokes

The Hill  (Op-Ed): Why the injunction against the travel ban will hold up in Supreme Court
By Richard Pierce

Medium (Op-Ed): To: Immigrants, With Love
By Voto Latino

En español:

No olvidemos a Lupita ni a los millones como ella
Por Maribel Hastings

Los varios muros de Trump
Por Maribel Hastings

ICE mantiene detenido en Seattle a un dreamer amparado por DACA acusándolo de ser pandillero

Arrestan a dreamer en redada de ICE; hay protestas
EFE/Telemundo 62

Reportan en Seattle el primer arresto de un ‘dreamer’

Un Dreamer con DACA cayó en las redadas y sigue arrestado
La Opinión

¿Por qué arrestaron a un Dreamer en EEUU?
CNN en Español

Última hora: EEUU arresta a ‘dreamer’ mexicano en Seattle
Mundo Hispánico

Arrestan en Seattle a joven mexicano con permiso para trabajar en EU
SDP Noticias

Pese a permiso, arrestan a dreamer mexicano
Metro Noticias Las Vegas

Arrestan a ‘dreamer’ mexicano pese a tener permiso de trabajo
AP/Excélsior (MX)

Daniel Ramírez Medina: arrestan a Dreamer mexicano en Seattle
Al Día Dallas (TX)

EU arresta a ‘dreamer’ mexicano en Seattle
AP/Milenio (MX)

Detienen a ‘dreamer’ mexicano en Seattle
El Universal (MX)

Detienen en Seattle a un ‘dreamer’ mexicano
Televisa News

Arrestan a ‘dreamer’ mexicano, pese a tener permiso de trabajo
NSS Oaxaca (MX)

Autoridades de EU detienen a dreamer mexicano en Seattle
Nación 321

La policía de inmigración de EEUU detiene a un ‘dreamer’ protegido por la ley de Obama
El País (España)

ICE dice que informes de redadas son ‘falsos, peligrosos e irresponsables’
La Opinión

Alerta coalición de inmigración sobre más operativos de ICE
La Opinión

Continúan las redadas a indocumentados en todo el país
Noticiero Univision

Congresistas hispanos expresan ‘enfado’ por redadas antiinmigrantes de Trump
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Mexicana deportada pide a compatriotas en EEUU luchar por sueños de sus hijos
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Tres cosas que inmigrantes están haciendo ante posible deportación
La Opinión

Inmigrantes toman medidas frente a detenciones y deportaciones tras operativos de ICE (Video)
Noticiero Univision

Orden ejecutiva castigaría a inmigrantes legales por uso de beneficios
La Opinión

Qué hacer si la policía o el FBI lo detiene
La Opinión

Las detenciones de ICE en el Sur de California en cifras
La Opinión

Mensajes de amor a los inmigrantes inundan los medios sociales
La Opinión

25% de los detenidos y deportados por ICE no son delincuentes
Noticiero Telemundo

Alcalde de Miami Dade recibe postales con singular pedido
Noticiero Telemundo

Aplazada la deportación de mexicano en Carolina del Norte
Noticiero Telemundo

Un día sin latinos en EEUU
CNN en Español

Casi un centenar de deportados al día recibe Nuevo Laredo, México, según su alcalde (Video)
Noticiero Univision

México y Centroamérica unidos en pro de derechos de migrantes
La Opinión

Defensores de derechos humanos piden a México que brinde mejor trato a centroamericanos que ingresan por la frontera (Video)
Noticiero Univision

Tres semanas con Trump en la Casa Blanca y seis medidas que afectan a mexicanos
La Opinión

Trump hostiliza a los inmigrantes
Por Dora Fernández/El Nuevo Herald

From Nowhere: los sueños de tres jóvenes indocumentados en el Bronx
La Opinión

La lucha de los indocumentados por conseguir trasplantes de riñón en un sistema de seguridad que los ignora

Cambian los formularios para trámites migratorios
Noticiero Telemundo

Las peticiones de refugio en Quebec se dispararon 230% en enero
EFE/Yahoo Noticias