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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, December 10, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

Washington Post: Attacks on Muslims across the country as Trump rhetoric puts them in ‘the line of fire,’ congressman says
By Michael Miller

Politico: White supremacist groups see Trump bump
By Ben Schreckinger

National Journal: The Polls May Be Underestimating Trump’s Support
By Henry Olsen

National Journal: Before Donald Trump, There Was Ann Coulter
By Peter Beinart

RollCall: Democrats Tie Vulnerable Members to Donald Trump
By Simone Pathe

Politico: Clinton forces see 3 possible GOP opponents
By Annie Karni

Politico: Poll: Not too late for GOP to compete for Hispanic vote
By Gabriel Debenedetti

National Journal: Santorum Calls for Blocking Muslim Immigration From Radical Countries
By Zach Montellaro

Buzzfeed News: In 2006, Bernie Sanders Voted In Support Of An Immigration Conspiracy Theory
By Evan McMorris-Santoro

Talking Points Memo: Fiorina: Trump’s Ban On Muslim Immigration Is Unconstitutional
By Sara Jerde

Politico: Judge rejects Texas request to bar Syrian refugees
By Josh Gerstein

Reuters: U.S. Judge Denies Another Texas Request to Block Syrian Refugees

The Hill: Senators seeks to further weaken guest worker program
By Dan Werner and Jean Bruggerman

NBC News: Mass Migration of Muslims to U.S. Mostly a Mirage
By Corky Siemaszko

NPR: How Billionaire Techies Hope To Reshape The Immigration Debate
By Asma Khalid

Vice: Why Are the Feds Stalking Immigrants at Courthouses in New York?
By Max Rivlin-Nadler

ThinkProgress: Immigrants Say They Suffered Abuse And Neglect At This California Detention Center
By Esther Lee

New York Times (Editorial): The Trump Effect, and How It Spreads

New York Times (Opinion): The Crisis of Republican Authority
By Ross Douthat

Washington Post (Opinion): The slippery slope to Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims
By EJ Dionne Jr

Washington Post (Plum Line): Ted Cruz’s clever scheme to reap the benefits of Trump’s Islamophobia
By Greg Sargent

New York Magazine (Opinion): How Donald Trump Has Opened the Door for Ted Cruz to Win
By Jonathan Chait

Washington Post (Plum Line): Let’s get real. Most Republicans would be fine with President Trump.
By Paul Waldman

Washington Post (Opinion): Taking Trump At His Word: How Would Institutionalized Bigotry Actually Work?
By Faris Alikhan

Politico Magazine (Opinion): Donald Trump Wants an Immigrant Witch Hunt. Here’s One That Could Have Snagged His Grandfather.
By Josh Zeitz

Time (Opinion):The Short List: Donald Trump
By Michael Sherer

New Republic (Opinion): Trump Proves That Liberals Have Been Right All Along
By Brian Beutler

The Hill (Op-Ed): 9/11 flashback and future immigration policy
By Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): Donald Trump’s Call To Ban Muslims Reflects America’s Worrisome Past
By Michele Goodwin

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): ‘Born with Dreams’: A Need for Conversation on Immigration and Education in New York City
By David Kirkland

En español :

Gente de distintas razas y religiones se unen contra Trump (Video)
Univision 41

Líderes del Golfo Pérsico condenan retórica “racista” contra musulmanes
Reuters/Yahoo Noticias

Discurso antimusulmán prende en Occidente
AFP/Yahoo Noticias

Propuesta de Trump de prohibir ingreso de musulmanes a EEUU genera dura reacción global
Reuters/Yahoo Noticias

Británicos recolectan firmas para evitar la entrada de Trump a Reino Unido

Trump dice que los británicos le deberían agradecer su inversion en Escocia

Trump visitará Jordania, un país con mayoría musulmana
La Opinión

Netanyahu recibirá a Trump el día 28, a pesar de sus declaraciones racistas
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Una Universidad escocesa retira doctorado honorífico a Donald Trump
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Presentador de noticias se harta y corta abruptamente entrevista con Trump (Video)
Univision/La Opinión

¿Por qué Trump propone impedir ingreso de musulmanes?
CNN en Español

Alí critica propuesta de Trump de restringir a musulmanes
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Senador Cruz presenta medida para frenar reasentamiento de refugiados en EEUU
La Opinión/Impremedia

Hillary Clinton ganaría el voto latino, según encuesta
Noticiero Telemundo

Casa Blanca: la propuesta de Trump sobre musulmanes lo descalifica para ser presidente
CNN en Español

Millonario emprende campaña personal contra Donald Trump
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Vergüenza de Estados Unidos
Humberto Caspa/La Opinión

Justicia de EEUU rechaza solicitud de Texas para bloquear refugiados sirios
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Sube a 6,000 la cifra de migrantes cubanos varados en Costa Rica
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

CIDH expresa preocupación por migrantes varados en Costa Rica
AFP/Yahoo Noticias

Líderes demócratas piden alto a la detención de familias como deseo navideño
La Opinión/Impremedia

EEUU: Congresistas, niños piden fin de detención familiar
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Desde San Diego a Tijuana sin cruzar la frontera
La Opinión/Impremedia

Aprueban medida que restringe viajes sin visa a EEUU
Noticiero Telemundo