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Immigrant Youth Urge Sen. LeMieux on DREAM Act

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After months of phone calls, letters and faxes asking to discuss the DREAM Act with Florida Senator George LeMieux, representatives from immigrant youth organizations were finally granted a chance to meet with their Senator today.

Sen. LeMieux (R-FL) is a key vote on the Dream Act, an immigration reform bill that would allow tens of thousands of young people — Americans in all but paperwork — to earn their citizenship through two years of college or military service.

In the past, Florida’s Senators have been ardent supporters of the DREAM Act, recognizing the positive impact it would have on the state. Unfortunately, unlike these previous Florida law-makers, Senator LeMieux has not taken a public position on DREAM.

Help us show Sen. LeMieux the overwhelming public support for the DREAM Act.

Send senator LeMieux a message of support, and invite your friends to do the same. 

With Congress back in session next week, it is crucial to bring in votes for the DREAM Act — spread the word!