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IL-Sen: Outrageous New DREAM Act Video: "If you don't vote, you're nothing but a BLEEEEEP"

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As we’ve mentioned, Illinois’ Senate candidates, Mark Kirk and Alexi Giannoulias, have taken very different positions on the DREAM Act.

Today, America’s Voice and Illinois Immigrant Action have teamed up to release a humorous new online video to encourage young Latinos in the state to vote in the toss-up US Senate election on November 2nd.  Latino voters could make the difference in this too-close-to-call race.  The video will be distributed to a wide range of online activists and youth, immigrant and Latino networks around the state.

Watch the video, spread the word, and sign the pledge to vote on Nov. 2nd!

(Warning: requires sense of humor)

Democratic State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias strongly supports the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform.  Immigrant advocacy organizations had pressed Congressman Kirk, who voted for the notorious “Sensenbrenner bill” in 2005 that set off million-person marches in Chicago and other cities, to declare his position on the DREAM Act.  After intense questioning by Giannoulias and the debate moderator, Kirk said that the border should be closed and that he would not vote for the DREAM Act.

According to Illinois Immigrant Action’s Executive Director, Lawrence Benito:

“The Latino community cares deeply about the DREAM Act. The senatorial race is very close and the immigrant vote can make the difference on Election Day. This video will help mobilize Latino youth to the polls by connecting this important issue with this growing, energetic and tech savvy constituency.”