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In Idaho, 73% Support Creating Program to Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Stay in U.S.

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Polling ClipboardThere’s been a lot of discussion about immigration policy in the states. Arizona and Utah have garnered a lot of attention. But, an article this week on Yahoo Noticias pointed us to some very interesting findings on the issue in Idaho.

A poll of Idaho residents, conducted by Boise State University’s Public Policy Center late last year, showed some expected — and surprising — results on immigration. Check this out:


•    Two-thirds of survey respondents (67 percent) think immigration is a problem in Idaho.

•    Just over 62 percent believe counties should deny indigent health services to undocumented workers; 31 percent disagree.

•    58 percent of respondents think Idaho should pass an immigration law similar to one recently enacted in Arizona, and 55 percent think such a law would reduce illegal immigration.

•    More than 7 of 10 respondents (73 percent) think that a program should be created to allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country permanently.

We added the emphasis to that last point.

Of the immigration questions, the one with strongest support from Idahoans was about finding a way to let undocumented immigrants stay in the U.S.

Last fall, then-Congressman Walt Minnick (D) launched a series of vicious anti-immigration attacks on his GOP opponent, Raul Labrador. Trust us: Labrador is no champion of immigration reform, but it’s clear now that Minnick’s attacks were way off-base. The people of Idaho, like most Americans, want practical solutions.