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Harry Reid: “When Donald Trump Called Immigrants ‘Rapists’ There Was Nothing But Silence” From Republicans

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Republicans wasted no time piling on Donald Trump (now the leading GOP candidate for President, according to multiple polls) for despicably questioning John McCain’s valiant military service and the years he spent as a prisoner of war during Vietnam.

Republican Presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and Bobby Jindal immediately issued tweets (and multiple tweets, in some cases), with an RNC spokesman joining in on the action soon after.

However, it wasn’t lost on many how Republicans took their merry time to respond to Trump’s racist remarks about Mexicans and immigrants (minus Ted Cruz, who actually defended Trump and his bigotry). And, when those few responses finally did trickle in weeks after the fact, they were, at best, tepid.

Jonathan Capeheart of the Washington Post aptly calls it, “selective outrage.”

Earlier today, Sen. Harry Reid blasted Republicans for the glaring double-standard, and, in true Harry Reid fashion, there was absolutely zero holding back:

In the aftermath of those despicable remarks about Senator McCain, Republicans have been falling over themselves to criticize Donald Trump. But it makes me wonder: where were all of these same Republicans when Mr. Trump slandered millions of immigrants? It was only a month ago that Trump said – quote:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

When Trump insulted a Senator from their own party, Republicans couldn’t denounce him fast enough. But when Donald Trump called immigrants “rapists” there was nothing but silence. There is an ugly truth behind that silence, and it is this: when it comes to immigration policy, there is no meaningful difference between the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

Reid is on point like a prima ballerina. Because as much as Republicans try to state that Donald Trump in no way represents their party, they’re like two peas in a pod when it comes to how they want to deal with immigration as the 2016 election approaches.

As Reid states, “Trump rejects a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.” Jeb Bush — who once dared to say he lives “the immigrant experience” — does too. So does Rick Perry. And Rick Santorum. And Scott Walker. And Ted Cruz. The list goes on and on, with Lindsey Graham and George Pataki the sole GOP exceptions.

And, the story isn’t much different when it comes to DAPA and expanded DACA either, two immigration programs (now on hold following a GOP-led lawsuit) that would protect millions of immigrant families from separation and deportation:

Donald Trump wants to terminate President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, tearing apart millions of families and deporting DREAMers. We have heard that before, too. Jeb Bush also wants to repeal President Obama’s executive actions. He told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he would “repeal Obama’s executive amnesty.” The junior Senator from Texas also wants to terminate the President’s executive actions. Senator Cruz said – quote: “If I am elected President, the very first thing I intend to do on the first day is rescind every single unconstitutional or illegal executive action from President Obama.” Governor Chris Christie is actively opposing the President’s executive actions, too. In fact, his state joined a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s actions. The junior Senator from Florida also rejects President Obama’s executive actions that keep families together. Senator Rubio’s spokesperson told Breitbart News – quote – “immigration executive orders won’t be permanent policy under [a Rubio] administration.”

As Reid states, while Republicans are clutching their pearls over Trump’s “repugnant rhetoric, make no mistake about it – they are all on the same page with Donald Trump.”

Reid concludes:

I ask each Republican running for President: name one difference between your immigration policy and Trump’s immigration policy. Given recent history, all I expect is a deafening silence.

When Mr. Trump insulted Senator McCain, Republicans couldn’t denounce him fast enough. But when Mr. Trump called millions of hard-working immigrants “rapists” and “murderers,” there was nothing but silence. Maybe this is because none of the Republicans running for President can name a single way in which they disagree with Mr. Trump’s policies on immigration.

In the meantime, Democrats will continue to fight to pass comprehensive immigration reform, just as we did in 2013. We will continue to fight Republican piecemeal legislation that criminalizes immigrant communities. And we will continue to fight for immigrant families who are constantly being scapegoated by today’s Republican Party.

The video, available below, is a must-watch.