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Harry Reid: On Immigration, Romney is Decisive — And Wrong

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On the Senate floor yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has been a champion for immigration reform and the DREAM Act, noted there is currently only one decisive Republican on immigration reform: Mitt Romney. Of course, as Reid pointed out, Romney is decisive in the wrong way. Reid also (again) asked Republicans to work with him on immigration reform:


Here’s the transcript:

And the only decisive Republican voice on this issue today seems to be Mitt Romney – who has called the unconstitutional Arizona law the “model” for reform.

Mitt Romney has also promised to veto the DREAM Act.

Democrats believe the kind of institutionalized racism in the Arizona law is hardly the “model” for reform in a country that stands for liberty and justice for all.

And we believe upstanding young people who have never known any home but the United States of America should go to college, fight for their country and contribute to society – not face deportation.

But at least we know where Mitt Romney stands on these issues, even if we disagree with him.

As long as Republicans remain unwilling to vote for comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform, we remain at an impasse.

But I want my Republican colleagues to know this: as soon as they are willing to join us to craft a common-sense, legislative solution that is tough, fair and practical, we are ready to join them.