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WATCH: DREAMers React to Vote; Vow to Keep Pushing for Reform

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Yesterday, Senate Republicans succeeded in blocking the DREAM Act from coming up for a vote.
It was an emotional day for everyone, but as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on the floor of the Senate yesterday, “it is not a matter of if we pass the DREAM Act, but when.”   And Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, the number two leader in the Senate, said yesterday that the DREAM Act is his “top priority.”
Watch this quick video we shot in DC yesterday, right after the vote:

Please call your Senators, to tell them why you’re still fighting so hard for the DREAM Act!

Via Rachel Labruyere at Reform Immigraiton FOR America:

I know you’ve been calling non-stop, but make just one more for right now. Say “Thank You” to those who supported DREAM moving forward and “Shame on you” to those who stood in our way.

English: 866-996-5161

Spanish: 866-961-4293

Rachel explains that Senator Harry Reid voted “NO” on the motion — but don’t be worried. His vote was a “wonky procedural thing that will give him the ability to bring it back up if he chooses to do so. Be sure to call him and say THANK YOU for bringing this fight to the floor.”

Keep reading for a list of YES and NO votes>>