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DREAMers Use #WithDACA To Show How Obama Program Has Transformed Their Lives

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As we noted earlier today, the future of DACA will be one of the first tests of a Donald Trump Administration. More than 750,000 DREAMers depend on this program to run their businesses, go to school, and live with some peace of mind in the only place they call home.

“If the DACA program is phased out by President-elect Trump,” writes DACA recipient and America’s Voice Digital Campaigns Manager Juan Escalante in a new Medium post today, “then it would not only end our permission to work for 800,000 immigrants like me and leave us exposed to deportation.”

In a viral #WithDACA hashtag campaign — kicked off by our friend, Gaby Pacheco — many other young immigrants like Juan expressed what they’ve been able to achieve thanks to the DACA program — and exactly how much is at stake.

From the Huffington Post:

“As we start the count down to Trump becoming the president, we need to figure out ways to deter him from his campaign promise to overturn the #DACAprogram,” Pacheco wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday. “We’ve started a grassroots campaign where we are asking all #DACAmented people to share their accomplishments after DACA on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Please use the hashtag #WithDACA and then share what you’ve done after you received your DACA.”

Some of the most inspiring tweets are below.