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DREAMers Ask GOP Senators: "Do You Want to Deport Me and My Parents?"

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United We Dream is on a roll.  Following up on the success of a recent video where they chased members of Congress through the halls of Capitol Hill as the House negotiated the just-passed spending bill, DREAMers have done the same with the Senate side.  Watch the video below as they corner the Senate’s most anti-immigrant Republicans (Cruz, Sessions, Grassley, Lee) and ask them if they want to deport DREAMers and their parents:

(Watch especially as Jeff Sessions makes a beeline to a bathroom around 1:20)

This last weekend, some GOP Senators — led by the foolhardy Ted Cruz — voted for a constitutional point of order representing their opposition to executive action.  As the DREAMers make it clear in this video, such votes signal that the GOP is the party of mass deportation.  They may claim that their actions against executive action are meant as opposition to President Obama.  But what they’re really doing is standing against immigrant families.