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DREAM Act Caroling Procession Sets Stage for Week of Holiday-Themed Calls to Conscience

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UPDATE: Check out the video from Reform Immigration For America:

Yesterday evening DREAM Act supporters, including young immigrants and allies from across the country, gathered at the symbolic Lincoln Memorial — the spot where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous speech — to sing holiday carols. Marchers carried candles and an image of the Virgin Mary – December 12th is El Dia De La Virgen Guadalupe, after all.

DREAM leader Gaby Pacheco led a procession to the National Christmas Tree at the White House, where caroling continued. Spirits and hopes were high, despite a light drizzle of rain, that several key Senators will have a change of heart and do the right thing by voting “Yes” on the DREAM Act in this holiday season where we celebrate love, compassion, and peace.

Sunday’s Dream caroling event kicked-off a week full of actions in the holiday spirit. Congress.org reports:

This week’s actions, from Christmas caroling to a “March of Jericho,” have a Christian theme aimed at conservative lawmakers.

The March of Jericho is a call to obstructionist GOP Senators “to bring down the wall of Senate obstruction about [the] DREAM Act.” Caroling, prayers, and vigils are scheduled throughout the week.

Lyrics of popular Christams carols were re-written with a DREAM Act message. For example, to the tune of “Jingle Bells:”

Let us serve, Let us learn
Don’t you let us down
All we want is education
Pass the DREAM Act now, hey!

And to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree:”

Oh Senators, Oh Senators,
Please pass the DREAM Act now!
We want to learn, we want to serve
We can reduce the defecit
Oh Senators, Oh Senators,
Please pass the DREAM Act now!

View photos from the caroling event: