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Dear President Obama: Stop Deporting DREAM Act Students

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As we reported last week, Pedro Gutierrez, an Arizona DREAMer facing deportation, was allowed to stay in the country for one more year because advocates from around the country sent 10,000 faxes to the Department of Homeland Security and organized on the ground demanding that they let this young man, who aspires to join the Marine Corps, stay in the country he loves. 

However, as we well know, the resolution of Pedro’s case is only temporary. And, we have no idea how many other DREAMers like Pedro are out there and still in imminent danger.

It shouldn’t take thousands of faxes and the mobilization of an entire community every time we need to save a talented and committed young person—not when President Obama has repeatedly said that it makes no sense to deport them.  I agree – and that’s why it’s past time that the Obama administration stop arresting, jailing and threatening young people like Pedro with deportation. Every one of them grew up in the  United States and consider this country as their home.

That’s why we’re collecting signatures asking the White House to stop deporting these young people.  We’ll hand-deliver the petition to the White House to be sure they get the message, so please sign your name and make your voice heard.