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“This Country Depends On Us”: Undocumented Youth And Allies Arrested At Trump Tower

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A group of undocumented youth and allies were arrested this morning by the NYPD after blocking the main entrance to Trump Tower in Manhattan.

“We refuse to leave for all the immigrants who deserve dignity and respect for their labor,” tweeted members from Movimiento Cosecha before the protest. “Trump Tower was .”

That’s a fact. Over three decades ago, a group of 200 undocumented Polish immigrants — nicknamed the “Polish Brigade” — worked up to 12 hours a day for seven days a week to demolish and make room for what would become Trump Tower. Those same workers later sued him for poor working conditions.

“As a real estate tycoon, Donald Trump built up and has given his name to clothing lineshotelsresortsgolf coursesa winery, and apartment buildings,” noted ThinkProgress last year. “And for a man who has unapologetically characterized Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers, and has said that infectious diseasesare spilling across the border, Trump has decided to work in industries where it’s impossible to avoid the Latino immigrants he is maligning.”