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Colbert Report: We Have So Much Love for Central American Children That We Must…Deport Them?

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Last Thursday, Stephen Colbert aired this takedown of conservatives who go out of their way to express sympathy and compassion for children fleeing violence — and then call for their immediate deportation.  Watch the clip below:

As Colbert points out over and over, it’s pretty incongruous to speak about how one feels for these kids and the circumstances they come from, and then advocate for sending them right back in:

Colbert: With our hearts full of love for the Latin  American people, it’s clear what we must do…

[Clip of Laura Ingraham]: The first thing we must do is start deporting people, not by the dozens, not by the hundreds, but by the thousands.

Colbert: ….it’s a tough love.

As the clip continues, Colbert prods at the hysteria around the children that has gripped the right, based on rumors that the children are murderers and jihadists and carry diseases.  “Ebola has never been outside of Africa,” Colbert says, “but I believe [Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA)] is demonstrating symptoms of baseless fear leaking out of your ass.”

Watch the clip here — also watch last night’s short segment about Republicans like Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) going on a fact-finding mission and finding no evidence of great violence in Central America, despite being too afraid of the dangers to leave the hotel.