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Editorial: DREAM Act is Long Overdue

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Check out Sunday’s DREAM Act Editorial in the Arizona Republic, entitled, “Dream act is long overdue:”

It is not fiscally prudent to walk away from a 12-year investment just as it is about to pay off.

But, in stark economic terms, that’s what happens tens of thousands of times a year all across the country. Taxpayers are denied their money’s worth.

Why does this continue even though a solution has been around since 2001?

It’s not every day you hear the argument put so succinctly in economic terms, but this one hits it right on the head.  The piece continues with the human and moral terms of the debate:

Because the topic is undocumented students, and the nation’s ability to deal with anything related to illegal immigration has gone up in the smoke of overheated rhetoric. […]

An estimated 65,000 undocumented students graduate from public school every year and are denied the chance to go on to college. Culturally and socially, these kids are as American as Mom’s pie. They grew up pledging allegiance to our flag and have little or no connection to any other country.

It is unjust and inhumane to deny these kids the chance to continue building productive lives under the Stars and Stripes.