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CASA All Set For DAPA Decision Day

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CASA, an immigration advocacy organization, has been preparing its members and community for DAPA through its phone tree to mobilize its members when the Supreme Court releases its decision on DAPA, and through a “Do you Qualify for DAPA/DACA+?” information session to prepare for implementation.

CASA plans to be first on the scene at the steps of the Supreme Court on decision day, and they been working tirelessly to prepare to do so.

CASA has a phone tree set up for its members to quickly spread the word when the decision is released, what the decision is, and how the organization will move forward.

CASA is a member organization and wants its members to let their voices be known and motivate them to participate and be active. For this reason, they want to empower and mobilize their members on decision day.

Due to the hard work of volunteers and planning committees, CASA is well-prepared for decision day with their buses booked, signs painted, and members on standby.

When the Supreme Court announces its ruling, CASA will activate its phone tree and its members will be notified a decision has been made on a battle “that has been being fought for years,” says Fernanda Durand, communications manager at CASA.

CASA already has a fleet of buses booked to call upon on decision day to take their members to the Supreme Court steps. Volunteers, throughout the past few weeks, have been coming into CASA’s headquarters to paint signs they’ll use when gathering at the Supreme Court.

CASA wants its members to be the first people at the Supreme Court when the decision is made to show the faces affected by the ruling.

After the Supreme Court releases its decision, CASA will shift its focus to counseling its members and the community on what’s next, how to apply and take advantage of the program, and the time table of the application process.

On June 3rd, CASA held an information session in Baltimore called  “Do you Qualify for DAPA/DACA+?” The event was open to the public and provided the 50 attendees with accurate information on who is eligible to apply for the programs and the documents necessary to apply.

CASA de Maryland

Those who attended the information session will be meeting again on June 18th to continue preparing themselves the DAPA application by bringing in their documents for review.

CASA serves as a strong example to other local groups on how they can mobilize their members and the community to prepare for the DAPA decision.

Durand advises other groups to have their talking points ready for all the different scenarios and on decision day to  “get out there, don’t be silent even with a 4-4 decision.”

If your local group has been organizing programs to get ready for DAPA, let us know at info@americasvoice.org.