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From Boise To New York City, Thousands Stand In Solidarity With Muslims And Refugees

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Over the past weekend, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered at airports and state capitals across the nation to decry Donald Trump’s Deportation Force and unconstitutional executive actions targeting Muslims and refugees.

The demonstrations, which have been ongoing since last Friday, have been unfolding like wildfire in blue and red states alike. While some demonstrations targeted major city airports where where detentions are taking place — like JFK and SFO — hundreds of others stood in solidarity with Muslims and refugees in states like Arkansas, Idaho, and Kansas.

Phoenix, Arizona:

Little Rock, Arkansas:

San Francisco, California:

Washington, DC:

Miami, Florida:

Atlanta, Georgia:

Boise, Idaho:

Bloomington, Indiana:

Iowa City, Iowa:

Kansas City, Kansas:

Louisville, Kentucky:

Portland, Maine:

Boston, Massachusetts:

Detroit, Michigan:

St. Louis, Missouri:

Missoula, Montana:

Omaha, Nebraska:

New York, New York:

Raleigh, North Carolina:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Columbia, South Carolina:

Nashville, Tennessee:

Salt Lake City, Utah:

Madison, Wisconsin: