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AV’s Lynn Tramonte On Power of Latinx, Immigrant Vote: “We Can Change Elections. We Can Stop Donald Trump.”

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Earlier this week, America’s Voice Deputy Director Lynn Tramonte joined Lorena Mora Mowry of “Mujer Latina Today” for a Spanish-language interview to discuss the power of the Latinx and immigrant vote in the 2016 Presidential election, both in Ohio and across the nation.

Mora Mowry said that in her work, she’s heard worry from immigrant and Latinx communities in Ohio following divisive and hateful rhetoric from Republican Presidential candidates. Mora Mowry asked Tramonte what her message would be to those communities.

“You are not alone,” Tramonte said. “Donald Trump is not just attacking immigrants and Latinos, but also women, people with disabilities…if everyone attacked by Donald Trump unites, we’ll have an unstoppable power.”

“We can change elections. We can stop Donald Trump. My hope is that if we unite and exercise our power in November, that will send a clear message to racists in the Republican Party that they do not speak for the majority of Americans.”

“They only speak for a small minority, and that minority is dying.”

Tramonte’s interview with Lorena Mora Mowry of “Mujer Latina Today” is available below.