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Arizonans File Signatures To Recall Anti-Immigrant State Senator Russell Pearce, Author of SB 1070

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It might be his key role in the passage of a law that cost Arizona at least $750 million, or the ongoing news of the Fiesta Bowl football game scandal, or the questionable ties to prison lobbyists—but something is souring Arizonans on state Senate President Russell Pearce (R-Mesa), who will likely face a recall election after critics filed a petition yesterday. Here’s Fox News’ (unbiased) report: 

Pearce is best known for sponsoring SB 1070, Arizona’s infamous anti-immigration bill, which was signed into law last April and has been causing boycotts and costing jobs ever since.

Now, a group named Citizens for a Better Arizona have filed 18,315 signatures demanding a recall, though some of those names might be duplicates or signatures of people who live outside Pearce’s district.