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Listen to the “A is for America” Podcast with Daniel Nichanian on Local Cooperation with ICE

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On this week’s episode of our podcast “A is for America”, we spoke with Daniel Nichanian, who is a fellow at the The Justice Collaborative Engagement Project and a writer at The Appeal. He recently wrote a piece about local cooperation with ICE and all the places where ICE is on the ballot this year. (Interview begins at 13:30.)

This week, the Trump Administration floated the idea of once again separating children and families at the border, even though this was a moral and political fiasco when it was in practice over the summer. The Justice Department wants the Supreme Court to take up DACA regardless of whether an appeals court has ruled first — and unlike the last time this question came up, in February, Brett Kavanaugh and a five-member strongly conservative majority will be on the court.

In politics and elections, you can check out our new website DivideAndDistract2018.com to see which ugly anti-immigrant ads are running near you. Republicans have been so swept up by the divide-and-distract strategy that they are literally running cookie-cutter, copy-and-paste ads that use the exact same words and imagery to demonize immigrants and divide Americans.

“A is for America” is a podcast which tells the stories from the front lines of a changing America. Each week, we’ll be talking to advocates and experts working in immigration reform, immigrants’ rights, immigration politics, and the forefront of what it means to be a new American. Tune in next week for more.