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Episode 11 of Our Podcast “180 Days” is Available Now

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This week’s edition of the America’s Voice podcast, “180 Days,” is now available. The weekly podcast will run over the next six months as we approach the March 6, 2018 deadline for DACA. We cover the fight to protect Dreamers and pass the Dream Act – and other immigration news.

This week, we talk about Felipe, the Texas Dreamer with active DACA status who has been detained for almost a month and had his DACA taken away for no reason. USCIS has been rejecting DACA renewal applications for the flimsiest of reasons — for example, some applications were in USCIS’ mailbox on the day of the deadline, but USCIS didn’t pick them up until the day after, and rejected them. We also talk about the Latin Grammys, African-American voters in Virginia, Thanksgiving, and more.

Listen to episode 11 of our podcast below. Next Friday we’ll be off for Thanksgiving, but tune back in December 1st for more!