New analysis from Latino Decisions suggests the eventual Republican presidential nominee will need 47% support from Latino voters nationwide in order to win the majority of the popular vote in a two person race.  Meanwhile, new reminders from the campaign trail underscore that Republican candidates are headed precisely in the wrong direction from that target number.… Continue »

Maribel Hastings es asesora ejecutiva de America’s Voice. Al declarar en una entrega de premios de Univisión que “Donald Trump no puede ser presidente”, el cantante cubanoamericano Armando Christian Pérez,  “Pitbull”, no pudo darle mejor consejo a algunos de los políticos de ambos partidos que quieren ser presidente: tienen que ponerse las pilas. Y esta… Continue »

In the wake of the tragic murder of Kate Steinle, the Senate Judiciary Committee will tomorrow hold a hearing to propose legislation that could undermine the ongoing work that state and local law enforcement have accomplished to restore trust with the undocumented community. Over the past several years, hundreds of localities across the nation, with… Continue »

Latino Decisions Unveils Updated Models on the Threshold the GOP Must Meet to Take Back the White House As immigration continues to insert itself as a defining issue in the presidential election cycle, many have been left to speculate what this means for the Republican Party’s efforts to improve its competitiveness with Latino voters.  Today,… Continue »

Washington, DC – While the Republican Party’s 2016 contenders are enmeshed in the anti-immigrant circus swirling around Donald Trump and advancing more immigration soundbites than solutions, the Democratic presidential contenders are leaning into immigration issues and advancing real solutions.  The Trump storm will pass eventually, but the Democrats’ serious immigration policy discussion will remain durable… Continue »

Okay, Donald Trump has said a lot — A LOT — of really terrible things lately, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a laugh every once in a while, especially at his expense. Take a look below for a round-up of some of the best chuckle-worthy tweets about the leading Republican Presidential candidate from… Continue »

During Paul LePage’s 2014 reelection campaign for Governor of Maine, he established himself as one of the most vehement and ugly anti-immigrant candidates in the country, which was no small feat. He aimed his ire at aslyum seekers, who are among the most vulnerable immigrants. Both Houses of the  Maine Legislature, the Democratically-controlled House and… Continue »

As we noted Friday, Republicans in Texas are considering repealing the state DREAM Act. The first hearing on repeal legislation takes place today. That should have national implications and there’s a very good chance the Texas DREAM Act will be debated during the GOP presidential contest, as it was in 2012.  Today, the New York… Continue »

UPDATED: March 31, 2015 Naturally, Orly was unhappy about Judge Hilda Tagle denying her petition to be transferred to Judge Hanen. So she’s just gone directly to Hanen himself. Her latest request here. ———– Action in the lawsuit brought by 26 Republican Governors against Obama’s immigration executive action has moved to the Fifth Circuit, but the… Continue »

Today, the United States Department of Justice filed an emergency appeal for a stay of Judge Hanen’s preliminary injunction in the case of Texas v. United States. Hanen issued his preliminary injunction on the implementation of expanded DACA and DAPA on February 16, 2015. A link to the DOJ”s motion can be found here. The… Continue »