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Despite the fact that so many companies, celebrities, and individuals have denounced Trump’s anti-immigrant comments, his recent surge in the polls is reenergizing extreme anti-immigrant members of the Republican Party. These anti-immigrant extremists are looking to capitalize on Trump’s momentum by introducing enforcement-only legislation that scapegoat immigrant communities. If Republicans want to get serious about … Continue reading »

Two Republican Presidential hopefuls, Gov. Scott Walker and Gov. Chris Christie, have joined forces to attack an estimated 5 million immigrants with deep roots in their communities. Last November, after months of pressure from millions of immigration reform activists, President Obama announced two new immigration policies to protect millions of people who grew up in … Continue reading »


Despite the fact that Max Villatoro is a father of four U.S. citizen children and beloved faith leader in his Iowa community, ICE is setting on deporting him to Honduras. We’ve been working hard with advocates in Iowa (where Pastor Max has been living for the last two decades) to stop his deportation, but now … Continue reading »


Can you imagine being torn from your home and family after just trying to pay a traffic ticket? It’ll happen to Marinela if we don’t step in to help. She was just trying to do the right thing by paying her fee, but instead she was arrested and detained by immigration officials. Now ICE wants to deport … Continue reading »

You might remember Pedro. He has four children and his wife is a US citizen. Last year thousands of people like you took action to keep Pedro with his family — but now ICE is trying again to deport him, even though Pedro is a law-abiding family man and the primary caretaker of his eldest son … Continue reading »