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Help Manuel Stay in the US!

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Please take action today on behalf of Manuel Gámez, a loving father who has just lost his daughter.

Manuel and his daughter, Heydi, are from Honduras and came to the U.S. to seek asylum. Heydi won the right to stay, but Manuel didn’t, even though they lived through the same violence and horror at home. While Heydi waited for Manuel to be able to join her, she grew despondent, and took her own life.

Manuel has been allowed into the U.S. to say goodbye, but afterwards he will be deported. PLEASE call ICE — and your members of Congress — and ask them to help Manuel stay.  He is here to seek safety from gangs in Honduras, who killed Heydi’s grandfather, and his life could be in danger if he’s forced to return.

Call the following ICE offices:

  • Houston Field Office: 281-774-4816
  • ICE Office of Policy: 202-732-4292

Call these Senators:

  • Senator Chuck Schumer: 212-486-4430 (NYC); 202-224-6542 (DC)
  • Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: 212-688-6262 (NYC); 202-224-4451 (DC)

You can use the following script:

Hi, my name is ___________, and I am calling to request that Manuel Gámez is granted a stay of removal. Manuel was detained weeks ago while attempting to reunite with his family in Long Island. Manuel is a loving father who came back to the U.S. hoping to care for his daughter who had received asylum and has now tragically passed away here in the United States. I respectfully ask you to release him from detention and grant him a one year stay of removal. Thank you.

You can also call your local members of Congress. Find their contact information here.