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Victorina and Sandra are undocumented workers; they and others like them have suffered physical abuse, coercion, and humiliation at work. But that didn’t stop these brave women from taking a great risk by challenging the most powerful man in the world, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump likes to attack and dehumanize  undocumented immigrants, but since at least 2013, he has employed undocumented housekeepers like Victorina and Sandra at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. This is no regular Trump property — it’s been called the “Summer White House.”

Undocumented workers at Trump’s golf club weren’t treated well. They endured verbal abuse and workplace coercion, and managers called them “stupid illegal immigrants” with less intelligence than a dog.

Victorina, Sandra, and others have come forward out of the shadows. They are the brave women who have spoken out, even though they could be deported for going public with their stories.

They were forced to leave their jobs and still need to take care of their families. Please donate if you can and support these brave housekeepers who told the truth about Trump’s exploitation of immigrant workers.

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