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Incident Report: Washington, DC

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The photographs show bananas, each hanging from a string, tied with what appears to be a noose.
The images, circulated on social media and the American University campus newspaper, have shocked and angered students and school administrators.
“They tied it like a noose and put bananas in them,” says Nadia Bowen, an AU sophomore. “I am like very devastated, and very disgusted.”
The administration says “multiple” bananas were found hanging from nooses at three locations: at a shuttle bus stop outside Letts-Anderson Hall, near the Mary Graydon Center and close by the East Quad Building.
All were discovered early Monday morning.
Written on the bananas are the words ‘Harambe’ and ‘Aka’, believed to be references to Alpha Kappa Alpha, the predominantly African-American sorority on campus.
“These racist, hateful messages have no place in our community,” wrote Fanta Aw, the Interim Vice-President of Campus Life, in a memo to the University Community. “The safety of our students is paramount.”
Aw says campus police are investigating, and are asking anyone with information to come forward.