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Incident Report: Schuyler, NE

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First of all, our parents who attend games hear the comments from other fans on a regular basis.
“Yeah, we are playing a bunch of Mexicans, it should be an easy game.”
“Those kids can’t even speak English.”
“Wait until Trump sends them all home.”
Those are just some of the things our fans hear about their kids.
What about our athletes? They are called racist names; they are spit on by opponents and told to go back home or wait until Trump builds the wall. They see other student bodies bring dozens of Trump signs to our games and watch their administration do nothing and say this is just freedom of speech. They see other opponents specifically target our players to intentionally take them out of the game and in some cases the officials look the other way while this happens. When a locker room has been left a mess and unflattering comments are written on the board we are the first team to be accused of this, and when it is found that it was another team that is 95 percent white our kids get no apology.