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Incident Report: Fairfax, VA

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The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia was spray-painted with anti-Semitic graffiti overnight on the first night of Passover, and police are still looking for a suspect or suspects.
Among the hateful messages, “Hitler was right” was spray-painted across an entrance of the JCCNV, which is located on Little River Turnpike in Fairfax. A swastika and an “SS” symbol were spray-painted onto exterior walls.
The nearby Little River United Church of Christ was also vandalized, with swastikas and anti-Muslim signs.
Fairfax County Police are investigating.
The acts of vandalism were discovered Tuesday morning.
“…We are disheartened and deeply disturbed by the anti-Semitism our campus has experienced today,” said JCCNV Executive Director Jeff Dannick in a statement Tuesday. “We will not be deterred from our mission of being an open and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds as we continue our operations as normal.”