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Tell the Senate to Dump Donald Trump Style Enforcement-only Policies

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Despite the fact that so many companies, celebrities, and individuals have denounced Trump’s anti-immigrant comments, his recent surge in the polls is reenergizing extreme anti-immigrant members of the Republican Party.

These anti-immigrant extremists are looking to capitalize on Trump’s momentum by introducing enforcement-only legislation that scapegoat immigrant communities.

If Republicans want to get serious about reforming our broken immigration system, they need to publicly denounce Trump’s stereotypes and hateful comments towards immigrants, and support bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform — just like the one passed by Senate Republicans and Democrats back in 2013.

Now, more than ever, we need our allies in Congress to stand behind immigration policies that work for our communities — at all levels of government.

This is not the time to give Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress a free pass to attack Latino and immigrant communities.

Please join us in telling members of Congress Crafting anti-immigrant legislation to Dump Donald Trump style enforcement-only policies.