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Immigrants help put food on our tables. They are part of our communities and are our neighbors and friends. They pay taxes, contribute to Social Security, and help build America’s future. But under this Administration, they’re under attack. In the next year, America’s Voice and our partners will continue to fight to protect immigrants, to… Continue »

This week, ICE raided a number of worksites in Mississippi and arrested 680 immigrant workers, many of whom are parents with children. Local communities are reeling from this disruption, which has left children stranded in schools and families with nowhere to go. You can donate here.

Please take action today on behalf of Manuel Gámez, a loving father who has just lost his daughter. Manuel and his daughter, Heydi, are from Honduras and came to the U.S. to seek asylum. Heydi won the right to stay, but Manuel didn’t, even though they lived through the same violence and horror at home.… Continue »

Donate here. Victorina and Sandra are undocumented workers; they and others like them have suffered physical abuse, coercion, and humiliation at work. But that didn’t stop these brave women from taking a great risk by challenging the most powerful man in the world, Donald Trump. Donald Trump likes to attack and dehumanize  undocumented immigrants, but… Continue »

Congress — and the American people — have said NO to Trump’s border wall. But now Trump has declared a national emergency in an attempt appropriate money for the wall anyway. This is a gross misuse of power; even Republicans think so. The House has voted to reject Trump’s national emergency; now, call your Senator… Continue »

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